Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Full Speed

Well Hello! 
I am finally back to full speed, thank the Lord! 
And my, we have been busy.
  After two months of not doing anything, 
I am gung ho to clean, organize, move furniture, school, bake, write.....
Last weekend Rose, Bethany, Olivia and I attended my cousins wedding.

Olivia was basking in all the attention at the wedding.

The lavendar in full bloom filled the air with its heavenly aroma.

 The ferry ride on our way home.

  Meanwhile, the guys were here cutting wood for what experts are saying
is going to be a very cold bitter winter.  
Sounds romantic,
but only if there is plenty of firewood.

This week we are taking off of school to do our fall cleaning.  
This we started on the third floor and are working our way down. 
The boys room got a makeover, some new organization, 
and some "super cool" soldier stuff from a dear friend to make their room awesome,
although it is one of the only unfinished rooms left in the house.
Next the kids bathroom is getting refitted with a dresser, a new towel bar,
and some other organizational goodies, mostly baskets at this point. 
It also, is unfinished, but hopefully not for long.  
Anna has declared that if we buy her a bucket of mud she will tape and texture it. 
Love that girl! 
Right now she is making her first Rhubarb pie with rhubarb from her garden.

Living in a log home means that twice a year we need to vacuum and wipe down all the logs, because they get soooo dusty. 
Many hands make light work, so every one gets in on the job.
  Pie is the perfect bribery for rewarding good workers.

It feels absolutely wonderful to have all my energy back and be able to run the household again! 
Fall is an energetic time for me.  
Something about the crisp air,
the coming of winter just around the corner, 
and yet a still warm sun on my back, 
fills me with inspiration and motivation to be productive. 
I am relishing these last days of open windows,
laundry hung out on the line,
long walks through the woods, and good health!

"Home is where the strong cords of commitment
bind hearts together with the closest ties of love."
-The Blessings of Family and Home


  1. I am glad that you have your energy back! I know what you mean by this time of year - I love it! I feel energized and love to be outside more and more....


  2. SO glad you are feeling better! So, you are expecting a cold winter...I'm READY! I wonder if we'll see some of that bitterly cold weather this winter as well here in SW Washington. Fall is my favorite time of year too. :)

  3. Julianne~ I am so glad that you are feeling well again! What a blessing! I am curious about how you clean your logs. I, too, live in a log home that my in-laws built, but I still struggle with the best way to clean them. I would love to hear your method.

    Thank you!
    Heather C
    Benge, Wa


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