Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Life and Smiles

 I just thought they were so cute, I had to snap a picture.
I said, "Gabe, are you going to wash too?"
He said, "Alright."
.. .and began scrubbing his face with the cloth and soapy water from the bucket.
  I just love 2 year olds!

 This, I did NOT find so cute.

She is not content to pull herself up to stand, she must climb as well.
Nanny says it is justice met out and the sins of the mother passed on to the children.
No wonder her hair is white.  Sorry Mom!

Daddy is having fun.

Here is daddy's new shirt.

He's all set now!

I love my family.  We have fun.  
They put up with me, I put up with them.  
They help me, we help each other. 
Lately, they have helped me a great deal tending to the crawling, climbing baby
and taking care of the housework.  
Yesterday, Ben (7) vacuumed my bedroom and bathroom
and gave me a great big hug when he was done. 
He likes to show off his muscles and strength when he hugs 
-almost knocked Grammy over the other day. 
  Bethany is 5, and has taken up helping Joe with the breakfast dishes.
  For the most part, they have been happy to pitch in and help,
and I am so very grateful!

 Since Rose is now home from Uganda,
she has been cooking us yummy African style meals complete with delicious Chapatis!
We have a new favorite family meal now.

Anna is currently  off to Colorado at a Summit worldview/apologetics camp for two weeks.
My how we miss her, especially Gabe- he is very attached.

John is busy fighting wild fires.  We hardly ever see him. 
He and his crew are like Superman, 
saving the community from impending danger as they run from spot fire to fire working day and night.

Brian works in the office three days a week and from his home office three days a week.  
For a break in studying, he can be seen packing a load of laundry out to hang on the line,
stirring soup for lunch, or wrestling with the children as he passes by.  
I am sure his example is why the children are so willing to serve.

For some reason, I just cannot seem to get my energy back after my illness,
 and am still struggling to get through each day.
 It helps so much to have the family pitching in,
and to take a few moments to just have fun and laugh.

  It is good medicine!


  1. Delightful scenes from your family life...

    I hope you will get your strength back soon.


  2. Julianne,
    I agree what a delightful posting of family happenings. I am sorry to hear your strength is slow to return. Do you use any coconut oil? It has so many healing qualities. Wonderful to cook with or add to a smoothie. If possible try to also get a little extra protein.
    We will continue to pray.

  3. Praying for renewed strength. God knows best what your bodies need, and I am positive he it providing a time of learning for your children. {{hugs to you}}

  4. Your family is such an inspiration to me! Whenver my days are chaotic, this is where I come for a calm and gentle spirit!

    I have awarded you the "Libster" award. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!

  5. I want one of those shirts!


  6. I am so glad to see you back on the computer! I will be praying for you and your family!

  7. Saying a prayer for your family today. :-) Praying all is well. Miss seeing your posts. They are such a blessing!


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