Sunday, November 13, 2011

The First Snow

Last evening:

The first snow of the season is falling gently this evening, 
in great big thick flakes wafting down from heaven. 

Inside, the children are playing a game they made up titled "Finding Nemo"  
where they hide a plastic Nemo fish and everyone searches for it.  

Gabe has gotten tired of it and is putting all his dinosaurs to sleep.

The snow is supposed to continue, 
which means that tomorrow we will make paper snowflakes and sugar cookies, 
as is our tradition.

Soon it will be time for tea and a story before bed.  
The children will be all cozy in warm jammies,
nestled in a heap on the couch,
the littlest ones will fight sleep, but finally their blonde heads will flop over as weariness defeats them. 
I love watching this. 
Their eyes blink, 
opening less 
and less...
and finally not at all.

What am I thankful for at the end of this day, the first day of snow?

For the warmth of the fireside...
the new stove set in place with only the mantel left to finish.

For friends who know you and love you anyway.

For the acceptance of little children when you are feeling down.
For a God whom I can believe.
For quiet evenings with family.
For living in a place where we can enjoy 4 seasons.

For the beginning of winter and all it will bring.

There is no better lullaby than thoughts of gratitude to our heavenly Father.  
What better way to send children off to dreamland, under a sea of blankets, 
than with such thoughts on their mind.

"Come, cuddle your head on my shoulder dear,
your head like the golden-rod, 
and we will go sailing away from here to the beautiful land of Nod."
Ella Wilcox


  1. Wow! your stove and hearth are beautiful! :)

  2. The first snow!

    We had a freak snow storm a few days before the end of October, but sadly we missed it. We were on our way to Florida!

    I love the sound of your cozy evenings...such beautiful memories for your children!


  3. Love this! Enjoy your first snow. :)

  4. The new woodstove looks great. I like the large window on the door. Nothing sweeter than sleeping babies!

  5. Such beauty~of thought, word,and picture. Thank you for sharing your cozy evening with us, Julianne. Happy early winter to you.


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