Saturday, November 26, 2011

ThanksGiving Feast

The table was set.
Tthe children wriggled and paced impatiently for the guests to arrive 
for a midday feast.

My dear, wonderful, servant husband awoke at 5 am to put the 25 lb. turkey in the oven.  
We have long prepared our turkey the old fashioned way.
  Remember the magazine "Crowned With Silver?" 
I found a turkey recipe in it years ago, and we all agree it is the best turkey ever. 
First,  rub the turkey with salt and pepper inside and out, then glaze it with olive oil. 
Then cook it slowly at 325 degrees for 8 hours, basting every hour.  
By 1 pm, all was ready, and our 6 college age guests were eyeing the dishes 
whilst small children climbed all over them.  
Such is the hospitality at  our home.

Finally all are seated at the two long tables pushed together to house all 16 of us. 
5 kernals of corn are given to each person to contemplate
as Brian reads to us of the first Thanksgiving. 
We took turns around the table giving thanks, 
and then,
the feasting!

Gabe liked desert the best.

Following a wonderful meal with delightful company,
we played "telephone pictionary" and other games until we could laugh no more.
  After tucking the little ones in bed, 
we all settled in around the living room to play the "question game" until the end of the day, 
which was quite late for us old folk, 
when some of the young ones were just getting started.

Brian and I agree that this was one of the most enjoyable Thanksgiving celebrations we remember.

My tummy muscles still hurt from laughing, 
and my heart if full of gratitude to many loved ones near and far, 
and for a great and mighty God who has blessed us indeed.


  1. Sounds like such a lovely day for everyone! It is our desire to build a lodge, if it be the Lords will, in the future. Until then we grow our family in our cozy little home and enjoy these days, it will soon pass and we'll miss it!

  2. What a beautiful table and feast! We love sharing Thanksgiving with others!



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