Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We have celebrated epiphany for many years, not every year, but most, as circumstances allowed.
  It is always a joy and delight. 
 Epiphany is the culmination of the 12 days of Christmas, 
long ago established by the persecuted church, ending in a feast on the 12th day, January 6th.

This year, we feasted well on prime rib graciously given to us by a friend, 
served with Duchess Potatoes,
 sauteed green beans, 
and ending with blackberry pie and whipped cream., served with coffee and tea, of course.

Rose, Brian and I worked all afternoon getting the table just right and preparing the food.
The meal would be served in courses, 
with 4 days of Christmas unfolding between each course.


Guests arrived just as the prime rib reached temperature, 
and we all sat down together for a sumptuous meal, good fellowship, and lots of laughter.  
To see and hear some of the fun, try this link, 
where we sing merrily, if a tad bit off key:

 Since Christmas, we have been teaching the children about the hidden message 
behind the 12 days of Christmas.  
And although we have a great deal of fun here, 
the real reason we adore this tradition is the intention of  serious, reflective days following the holidays, 
to really take Advent all in, but also gradually lets one go from all the festivities of Christmas 
to the slower pace of January. 
 I find it absolutely perfect.
For more serious thoughts on epiphany, this article sums it all up very nicely:
(thanks Will D!)
                                                              The Irony of the Epiphany

 from in front of the fire on this snowy day,


  1. Julianne,
    How fun it would be to join your family for this! We have been doing this too over the past couple of years, some years better than others. I so agree about taking the time to "absorb" Advent and Christmas over those twelve days! It's a work in progress here, but so fun to see what goes on at Providence Lodge. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a wonderful tradition. I do wish we had done this when our children were still here at home.
    Your dinner looks absolutely delicious.

  3. You know, I have been wanting to embrace the 12 days of Christmas once I got married, and it never occurred to me that there was a bit a meaning behind it. I always wanted to study it out more, but just never took the time! Thank you for writing about this, I'm just so excited to learn more and figure it all out!! thank you! :)


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