Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mama Goes on Vacation

The airlines tickets were made, by my thoughtful husband months ago, 
and the time has come, now, 
to go on the long vacation to see our daughter in New Mexico.

Mama leaving home for two weeks has created some anxiety, 
to be honest, mostly in me, the mama. 
 How will I sleep without being smooshed in between Olivia and daddy??? 
 Who will I snuggle with? 
Will I be terribly homesick without my sweet children and loving husband? 

I wasn't worried about the children, you see.  I know my dear sweet husband is very capable 
of managing the household and caring for the family. 
 He is even planning on carrying on with the school work, 
and I have no doubt he will do it well.  

But, what am I , a homeschooling mama with 7 children still at home,
going to do with myself for two whole weeks????  
Can even I jabber on that long???  
(My friends say no doubt!)
Silly though it may sound, those have been my worries.

But, instead of worrying, I threw myself headlong into packing and preparing to leave.
There is lots of organizing to take place in order to feel like I am leaving the house in good order.  
Chore chart to be made,

a menu to be planned and posted. 
A schooling schedule to be made out and details of each students progress noted, 
groceries taken care of, 
daily instructions for Rose, the cook, to be written out, etc. 

Then there was packing to be done, and a home to leave clean and organized...
more organized than I usually keep it, 
so that things would be easier for Brian while I am gone.
I love planning and organizing, so this was great fun.

 After a full week of planning and packing, we got up at 3 am and drove to the airport.  
After a quick goodbye (better on my nerves) 
this mama was loading on the plane and zooming across the sky, on her way to see Anna! 

 Anna's husband is in the military and will serve over seas for at least four months this year. 
 It is during his time away that I most desired to be with Anna, 
to help her pass the time and be a little less lonely, so the vacation is 2 fold. 
 Mama gets to rest and Anna gets company.

For the next two weeks I will be posting from New Mexico
about what a homeschooling mama does on vacation.
Until then,


  1. I know it will be hard but, I am excited for you and Anna to have this time together as well.

    Blessings on your time together!


  2. Have a wonderful time enjoying your girl and sleeping in! :-)

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I went away for 2 weeks to be with my daughter when she had her first baby. I missed everyone SO much - I might have even cried....a little....I am planning to go for another 2 weeks in March, when the next grandbaby arrives. I am looking forward to it and yet not, too!

  4. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy spending time with Anna.

    My daughter is married to an Army man and he left for a year and it was very hard on her. Give lots of love and encouragement. The times seems forever, but will pass.



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