Monday, January 6, 2014

Nesting, Resting and Cocooning

I thought I would get some favorite holiday photos posted, 
but hat didn't happen.
I also thought about telling ya all about our wonderful hand knit socks 
given to us by a remarkable lady named Betsy, 
but we'll have to wait for that too. 
You see, we have been abnormally unbusy
and enjoying every minute of it.

Here is a favorite spot  of mine, redressed for winter, 
to cocoon away with a pile of books, 
which is just what I have been up to this week:

And here a re just a few peeks at us being unbusy.

Such a wonderful week of resting and nesting after a full holiday season!

Wishing you some of that same glorious quiet, 
a mug of tea or cocoa, 
and a pile of books.



  1. I turned on the computer and was surprised and blessed to see your blog pop to the top of my list. Your post looks so peaceful and happy. Contentment. It's a wonderful thing.
    Our last few weeks have been very busy with traveling to see our children, but now we're home again and settling into a somewhat normal routine. I have a new quilt started and just finished delivery of 52 more pairs of mittens to the elementary school. That makes well over 100 pairs since the first of November and I'm "mittened out" but the thought of all those warm little hands makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful week Julianne.

  2. I just love that space you've created by the window! I could snuggle in there for some reading and napping, for sure!



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