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Favorite Friends

Making my rounds to tidy things up before the day gets away, I  pulled my favorite 500 thread count thrift store sheets, along with fuzzy blanket, down comforter, and white on white quilt from rumpled mess to straight and beautiful as best I could, but something bumpy restricted my hand as I smoothed the bedding up to greet the freshly plumped pillows.  Then, they fell out on the floor, “Goodnight Moon” and “Little Toot,” special friends of a little blond cutie pie and a littler blondish munchkin. I smile as I pick them up and place them on their shelf, remembering the squirmy delight of the “littles” this morning as we read together in my comfy bed. Our books are our friends We read often.  Aloud, and for long periods of time, rapt in the unfolding drama.  Is there anything more cozy after darkness falls than gathering in the family room amid piles of pillows and blankets to listen, and be transported to far away places?  Not in my mind. 

My dear husband does not read a lot, but he a…

The Purpose Driven Wife

I am a driven woman.  I have noticed things about driven women, and I don’t like what I see.  
Driven wives are busy.  They are busy DOING.  They even pride themselves on not being lazy, like some people they know.  Productivity, you know, is next to godliness…or, maybe it is godliness, in her mind.  Many times, at the bottom of a driven woman’s heart is the desire to be worthy of love, to be pleasing to God.  As if God said somewhere in Scripture, I am impressed by what you do, therefore, go do good stuff.  When, in fact He says the exact opposite.
Jesus rebuked Martha in Luke 10:38-42 for being busy doing, anxious about many things.  He contrasted Martha with Mary, who was just sitting there visiting with Jesus, enjoying him.  Mary had chosen well, he said.  The lord is interested in relationship, not with “to do” lists.  This is something I struggle with, as would any driven woman.  In John 15, our purpose in this life is revealed.  It is to abide, not do. Thanks to a true Titus 2 …

Log Lodge Curiosity

We had unexpected visitors to our lodge this morning.  Folks we haven’t seen in many years.  “You have how many children now?” They ask, as children begin pouring out of the house, the woods, and the ditch next to the house.
“Eight” I said, smiling, knowing what question would come next.
“Are you going to have any more?”  “Yes.”  I responded as I picked up the baby who was covered in dirt and waving hello with chubby, muddy fingers.
Astonished, they come inside to admire the lodge.  Meanwhile, the children are showing them pictures they have drawn, asking if they want to see the new kittens, and pulling them by the hand to show them their room.
“They are incredibly shy”  I tease.  Scampering all about, the “littles” follow us through the house tour, giggling, hiding around corners, lavishing the guests with tid bits of  information important to only those under the age of 10, or their adoring mamas. 
Having come full circle through the house tour, we landed at the kitchen …

Slowing Down

Brian and I have lived a fast paced, chaotic, crazy life these past 9 years.
But no more.
We are taking the advice of the older generation, and slowing down, pacing ourselves.
Taking time to enjoy, observe, think,
bestill. Moving to the lodge has helped a great deal.
It is so quiet here.  It just feels more leisurely,
without the constant traffic passing by, and yes, the steady ring of the telephone.
I love not having a phone.  I am just an anti-technology person, you understand.
I have slowed my pace tremendously, and find I am really enjoying life so much more.
I enjoy the simple things of a country life,
like spending the morning on the porch in the sunshine
hanging laundry on a line,
watching the many birds that swoop in and steal the cat food,
going on a walk down our long driveway that has grass growing down the middle.
The children too, have transformed and blossomed,
spending much more time outside, searching for frogs, salamanders, bugs, mice,
and kittens hidden away.   Instead …

Log Home Decorating, pt 1, cultivating beauty

Cultivating Beauty in the Home:  Log home decorating part 1

I vividly remember sitting at the edge of my seat in her classroom.  She was the most classy woman I had ever seen.  Gentle, gracious, and full of wisdom.  Her college class was the highlight of my week.  She taught on various subjects, all relating to being a Christian Leaders Wife.  This one class stands out in my memory.  She talked about God’s beauty in the world around us, the order, the creativity so easily seen, but always amazing.  Then she spoke about the home, teaching how as we are a light before men of God’s glory, so our homes should reflect His character by being beautiful and orderly.  I recall drinking in every word, so inspired was I at the thought of decorating being a godly occupation.  I loved decorating!   I had been around some Christians who believed it a worldly thing, a vain pursuit, and was discouraged that my fascination with Architecture and decor were sinful.  But here, my heart pounded as Truth …

Taking a Large Family on Vacation

“How do you do it?” is probably the question people ask me the most.   My answer,  "Take time to organize."  Routine and organization is the way to a simpler life.  When chaos rules a house, it easily loses its charming warm atmosphere, both physically and emotionally.  So, setting up routines and seeking organizational methods that work for your family are of vital existence to your family.  I love to ask other quiver full moms what their favorite organizational tip is.  I hear a lot of the same thing:  "get a schedule/routine!"
Even when preparing for our trip to Seattle, we started organizing a month in advance.  I can look back at my journal entries and see that this has been my standard for many years now.  The first thing I did was make a grid of the days on our trip.  Then I began scribbling notes about possibilities for filling in the  blank squares.  The categories were: where are we going, what are we eating, what are we wearing, and extra things we need …

Hidden Blessings

We will be schooling through the summer this year.  I have done this in the past, when I felt we were behind, but I have several reasons to do so this year. First, we are behind.  :-)  The time we took earlier this year to get moved into the lodge rendered us off my schedule to make our year end goals.  Secondly, the children often get bored in those hot summer afternoons, and I have found that having school time then settles them to enjoy their play more.  Third, I have some things I would like to do with the children, that I never get done during our regular school year.  Last, keeping a routine in the house helps all of us function better, otherwise, chaos gets the upper hand.  Having just attended the Christian Heritage Home Educators Conference with speaker Kevin Swanson, Brian and I were inspired to purchase the book "Proverbs, Family Bible Study Series," by K Swanson.  The Speaker claims that his family uses this book as their core curriculum.  I was intrigued.  I too…