Saturday, May 22, 2010

Log Lodge Curiosity

We had unexpected visitors to our lodge this morning.  Folks we haven’t seen in many years.  “You have how many children now?” They ask, as children begin pouring out of the house, the woods, and the ditch next to the house.
“Eight” I said, smiling, knowing what question would come next.
“Are you going to have any more?”  “Yes.”  I responded as I picked up the baby who was covered in dirt and waving hello with chubby, muddy fingers.
Astonished, they come inside to admire the lodge.  Meanwhile, the children are showing them pictures they have drawn, asking if they want to see the new kittens, and pulling them by the hand to show them their room.
“They are incredibly shy”  I tease.  Scampering all about, the “littles” follow us through the house tour, giggling, hiding around corners, lavishing the guests with tid bits of  information important to only those under the age of 10, or their adoring mamas. 
Having come full circle through the house tour, we landed at the kitchen table.  “I am noticing that they (the children) are all smiling.  Do they get along well?”

 “Yes, they do.”  I reply, but I am thinking, they came to see the lodge, but all the questions and remarks are about the children.  Interesting.

“They are certainly well behaved, and beautiful.”

“We really enjoy them, so much so that we just wanted to have more.”  I explain. “ It will be a sad day when we do not have a baby in the house.”  They stare at me for a moment of unbelief, until the cutie pie wriggles up on the guests’ lap and smiles into their eyes.  At once they believe.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is His reward.  They’re blessings not burdens, let’s receive each one and raise them up in the wisdom and knowledge of His word”-The Josties from their album, “Trust In the Lord“.

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