Thursday, May 13, 2010

Log Home Decorating, pt 1, cultivating beauty

Cultivating Beauty in the Home:  Log home decorating part 1

I vividly remember sitting at the edge of my seat in her classroom.  She was the most classy woman I had ever seen.  Gentle, gracious, and full of wisdom.  Her college class was the highlight of my week.  She taught on various subjects, all relating to being a Christian Leaders Wife.  This one class stands out in my memory.  She talked about God’s beauty in the world around us, the order, the creativity so easily seen, but always amazing.  Then she spoke about the home, teaching how as we are a light before men of God’s glory, so our homes should reflect His character by being beautiful and orderly.  I recall drinking in every word, so inspired was I at the thought of decorating being a godly occupation.  I loved decorating!   I had been around some Christians who believed it a worldly thing, a vain pursuit, and was discouraged that my fascination with Architecture and decor were sinful.  But here, my heart pounded as Truth freed it from disturbing legalistic thoughts.
 Right now, we are settling into our new home, working on a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.  Feeling nesty, I am inclined to start some serious decorating.  I do have 2/3 of my home unfinished, with bare sheetrock staring at me, so I will start with the 1/3 that is done, mol.
I am an incurable Romantic, my husband is very rustic and masculine, so I want to combine these components and create a rustic, romantic lodge look with virtually all donated furnishings, which means this will mostly be a venture in creativity using what I have that has been given me.

This is the entry way, with Grandma's dresser and coo-coo clock

Living room wall featuring Bess' piano and papa's skis

Yet to be done, I have a set of moose antlers I want to mount and hang above the window in the dining room

It is nearly impossible to hang a picture on a log wall, so I rely on tall furniture pieces for the upper level of decor.   I am planning on getting more plants in the future, mostly hanging plants.  Sometime way in the future, I may even have window treatments,which would be to absorb sound more than anything.  My love for candles, plants,and flowers is obvious.  I am attempting to balance the"girly" with antlers, furs and anything rustic that I can find, preferably for free, like pine cones, abandoned old pots, wagon wheels, or animal skulls.

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