Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slowing Down

Brian and I have lived a fast paced, chaotic, crazy life these past 9 years.
But no more.
We are taking the advice of the older generation, and slowing down, pacing ourselves.
Taking time to enjoy, observe, think,
be still.
Moving to the lodge has helped a great deal.
It is so quiet here.  It just feels more leisurely,
without the constant traffic passing by, and yes, the steady ring of the telephone.
I love not having a phone.  I am just an anti-technology person, you understand.
I have slowed my pace tremendously, and find I am really enjoying life so much more.
I enjoy the simple things of a country life,
like spending the morning on the porch in the sunshine
hanging laundry on a line,
watching the many birds that swoop in and steal the cat food,
going on a walk down our long driveway that has grass growing down the middle.
The children too, have transformed and blossomed,
spending much more time outside, searching for frogs, salamanders, bugs, mice,
and kittens hidden away.  
Instead of our house bubbling with constant activity, everyone seems more relaxed, less frenzied.

On a rainy spring day like today, some are napping.

Some are cuddled up with a good book.

Some are sewing.

Some are baking goodies to share. 
All  are benefiting from a mama who is
no longer high strung,
but is settling into a beautiful, romantic life of devotion to her family.


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