Friday, February 12, 2010

Garbage out, Boxes in!!!

Finally, finally, finally, we are moving in! Just as the drywall mess(and I do mean MESS!!!) goes out the door, or window, as the case may be depending on what floor you are on, the boxes are coming in and going to appropraited rooms. At this point, the shop vac is indespensible! The sheetrock dust that is everywhere must get cleaned up, the log walls vacuumed and washed the floors damp mopped, and we are ready to go. Now, understand that the house is not done, but we are exhausted of building, smooshed in our current house, and longing for the job to be over, so we are moving in on unfinished floors, with no tape, texture, paint, trim, etc. We will, hopefully, have some bedroom doors in a few days before the whole house gets moved.
Sometime in the future, we will move out of the 2nd flloor and get it finished, then the third, but for the time being we are happy just to be there and have a life besides the seemingly eternal building project! It has been an incredible journey, we have learned so much, we have poured our lives for the last 5 years into this lodge, and now, we are ready to enjoy and rest!
This afternoon, Brian and I will make a run to town for doors, the hot water heater, shower curtain rod, hopefully a bathroom sink from Habitiat, and a few more odds and ends. When get home, the 2 nd clear coat will have to be applied to the first floor flooring, then we can't walk on it for 48 hours, but we have a busy weekend planned anyway. Monday we will hopefully tackle getting the bathrooms buttoned up, but that will be another post. So long for now, even the rain cannot "dampen" my excitement today!


  1. Congrats!
    We moved in and the progress slows, but it's a great feeling to actually move into the log home you built.

    Your place looks great.

  2. And then...The Lord pushed you out of the nest. How did your first night go?


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