Friday, February 26, 2010

The Third Floor

It is really hard to take a good picture of the little boys room because it is long and narrow. We divided the third floor into half lengthwise, placing the boys room to the left of the stairs, which run up the middle of the house, and the girls on the right. Both sets of bunk beds and matteresses were given to us. The boys have never had more than a matteress on the floor, so they are very pleased with thier log beds and bunks, with one for Gabe to grow into.

This is Rose's nook, so far. We are still in need of shelves for her pretty things. Mr. Berard had the idea to split the floor from rpsl to rpsl, providing areas in between column support logs similar to a ship birth. The girls have one large room, some what divided for each girl. It has worked out wonderfully for them. They can be together as they wanted, but have their own space to decorate. It is also efficient since Rose is a night person and stays up late with her lamp on. Her light is sheilded from Anna and Bethany by the half wall.

This is Bethany's space, the first time she has had a bed. She and Ben previoulsy slept on the couch in the living room for lack of any other space. She is happy to have a pretty spot of her own!

And here is Anna's beautiful bed given to us by a friend. She is excited to be able to look out the window at the stars from beneath her bedcovers.
We are all learning that running up and down two flights of stairs several times a day is great excercise. Several of us are getting thinner already. We also have discovered that some sort of bell is going to be needed for communication from 1st floor to 3rd. Calling up the stairs for dinner just doesn't reach, so a runner has to be sent. Fortunately, we have several to choose from. :-)
I am a nesty person, so I thoroughly enjoyed making up the children's beds with flannel sheets, comforters, wool blankets, and quilts to give them a warm and snug sleep. My mom has been saving bedding for years for just this occasion, so we had everything we needed to go from 5 beds and a couch to 10 beds. Now I am looking forward to unpacking the rest of the boxes and having a place for everything! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

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