Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "Off-Grid Life"

The view from my bedroom.

I awoke today to cloudy skies and a sloppy slush falling outside my bedroom window. 
 We have had several days of clear and cold weather, which is perfect for our solar power,
 but today looked like a generator morning.
 We are teaching all the children 5 years and up how to start and shut down the generator, 
and how to tell if the batteries are charged, still charging, or in need of charging. 
 We are still learning what we can have on in the lodge when running just off solar. 
 Did you know that an old computer monitor pulls the same wattage as a hair dryer?
 Me neither, but after leaving the monitor on all night I figured it out. :-)

I love bad weather, and a rainy, snowy day suits me just fine. 
 Perfect for a pot of our favorite herbal tea, a fire, and peaceful quiet music, and a bowl of beef barley soup, a frugal favorite of ours,(except it is venison) of course.

Here is Bethany all snuggled up for a nap in the window seat next to the fireplace in the living room.
 I enjoyed a nap here myself Sunday afternoon. 
 It is also a good place to nestle up with a book or watch birds and deer in the forest. 
 We have 7 regular deer around the house. 
 John just bought a bag of grain for them yesterday. 
 Every time we go for a walk or putter the van softly down the 1/2 mile driveway they are sure to be spotted.

We are still unpacking boxes, putting the plumbing for a bathroom sink together, 
and washing dishes via water warmed on the stove. 
 It is all coming along. 
 You would have thought that we told the children we were going to Disneyland, 
but no, actually, daddy hung up closet rods. 
 They were ecstatic. 
 Amazing what a few days of depravation will make you thankful for!

In the meantime, here are some recent kid quotes to make you smile:

"No, Ben, you can't put packaging tape on a leg wound."

"Anyone seen Gabe's bottle?" "Look in the bathtub." "Yup, there it is."

"Why are there mashed bananas in the dish towel drawer?!"

Bethany: "that's Billarious!!!"

Love , Love, Love my life!!
blessings to ya,

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