Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Final Pushes

We have named our home Providence Lodge because the Lord is the one who has made this possible and the One who has sustained us through it's building, and provided everything that we have needed.

We are on the final push to get moved in.
We finally have a well that produces water, the water is almost completely piped to the house.
The framing is finished on the third floor, and the electrical is completely finished.
The plumbing is almost complete, the drywall is finished on the 2nd floor (with the exception of the bathrooms) and a great start has been made on the drywall on the third story. 

This has all been possible through a very busy time of the year because of two contractors in our body of believers who have been without work for almost a month. 
So... rather than go crazy waiting for the phone to ring they have been out at the lodge more than not for the last four weeks.
They have been a tremendous help.
What a blessing they have been to us.
Working long hours even on days when I am not able to be there at all. 
Running for supplies when I run out.
A big thanks to Ed, Dale, Alan, Nathaniel, Caleb and Josh. 
All have been an invaluable help in getting us ready to move in.


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