Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christian Heritage Mother Daughter Tea

A world of beauty, grace, and affable faces awaited us 
as we, my two oldest daughters, my mom, my friend,  her daughter and myself, 
waltzed in the doorway to the Georgian Room at the Spokane Athletic Club for the annual

I have been to this lovely event in years past, yet found the 2011 tea to be the best yet. 
The speakers, a mother and daughters team consisting of 
Sherril Endicott, Emily Hageman and Betsy Bloomfield were absolutely wonderful.  
Not only that, they are one of the most charming families I have ever met.

Over 100 ladies of all ages attended, and there was room for many more! 
I would love to see the precious gift of this annual event attended by many more because 
it was such an encouraging, fun time to spend with daughters and mothers. 
I believe that women today hunger to spend time reveling in the delicacy of femininity, 
that they need to cultivate opportunities to let the sweet, gentle spirit of femininity warm their hearts 
from a violent and impersonal world, 
infusing each one with the strength of loveliness 
and the confidence that just such an atmosphere nurtures.
Being a woman created by God is such a privilege. 
The gift of our femininity is something we can give both ourselves and the daughters God has bestowed to us.

There were games invoking a spirit of merriment, 
an opportunity to display handmade articles uniquely expressing each woman's delight,
a variety of special music from the talented young ladies at hand,
resources available to inspire and encourage, 
an extremely well done story time for little girls told by Betsy, 
a social hour to meet new friends and rekindle old aquaintances,
time for the inward as we pondered John 15, 
and the pleasure of tea, of course.
The whole event was spectacular 
and I am already looking forward to purchasing the audio CD 
as the messages given were so good and powerful, 
a rich harvest of the wealth of wisdom and understanding from the
Endicott ladies.
The theme for the day was from John 15:5 
"I am the vine and you are the branches; 
he who abides in me and I in him, 
he bears much fruit; 
for apart from me you can do nothing."  
 Each speaker addressed the theme from their personal testimony, giving three perspectives. 
I loved the way they did this.  It was truly God ordained.

The blessings from such a day full of beauty,
grace, and feminine exhortation 
will no doubt be long lasting.
It was the kind of day that will remain engraved on our hearts.

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  1. These are precious times!

    What a blessing to attend such an event!



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