Friday, October 21, 2011

How Then?

In answer to my dear sister over at Freedom Acres Farm, 
who asked the question, 
how do we make sweet memories in our homes when we are up to our eyeballs in work? reply is earnest and probably too simplistic. 

We rely on God's grace. 

His grace is huge. 
It is sufficient. 
It is there, just waiting for us to take it in,
like a feast on a table all set for us, 
only too often we sit under the table and whine and wait for scraps. 
Beth Moore, in her study, "Believing God," says it this way, 
"We are like ducks swimming in a puddle when just over a little hill is a beautiful pond." 

We have been canning for weeks now with applesauce still to go,
there are two elk hanging ready for us to cut up this weekend, 
then there are the remaining six cords of firewood 
(to add to the six cords already prepared) 
yet to cut, haul, split and stack before winter.  
We are busy!  Fall is always like that when you live a country life. 
I am so busy, in fact, that I do not have time to function outside of His huge grace. 
When I am immersed in it, each day is beautiful, sweet, and happy. 
But on those days when I'm not... 
life just becomes a push to get through the day, 
and I'm swimming in a puddle.

But, if I have the mindset that God is big enough to get me through the day, with all its activities, 
in a gracious and loving manner, then I am happily walking by faith, 
and each hour becomes pleasant, picturesque, memorable.  
It all hinges on me and where my heart is. 
If mama is peaceful, happy and full of grace, 
then no matter how much activity, the home is too.

So, practically,
in the midst of preparing for a bake sale tomorrow, 
eight loaves of french bread rising, 
six loaves of whole wheat bread in the oven, 
nine pies cooling on the table, 
and various other concoctions in the process,
we do our schoolwork.  
The little ones are singing and playing. 
I am talking to them, we are all enjoying the day. 
At 2pm we begin cleaning up and putting little ones down for a nap,
taking a few moments to cuddle and sing to them.  
Then we work together to tidy the house and prepare for Bible Study. 
As Bible Study ends, the mama's gathering their little ones and heading down the driveway,
the men begin tripping in from their day, 
and I set the simmering soup on the table, Bethany helps me slice a loaf of fresh bread. 
We gather together at the table.  We sing. 
The mama is happy and content.  
The children are happy and content. 
Daddy smiles at mama from the other end of the table. 
It has been a beautiful day.

I think it only takes the right attitude and an open eye 
to see when a moment comes along that is to be cherished.  
Then, we need to jump on it.
Sing with the children, 
rock the baby to sleep, 
read the toddler a book.  
I have a friend who I can hear in my mind, 
all the way back in highschool, telling me to smile.  
Well, it is 25 years later and I am starting to learn that lesson.  (Thanks Dale)

We surely need to deliberately go through our schedule and make sure 
that we are not adding to our misery by doing things that are not necessary, 
not adding work projects of community involvement in a already busy time. 
Some seasons will just be fuller than others. 
After the meat is cut, the canning done, the wood in, 
I am really looking forward to more margin in my days, 
more time reading in front of the fire after dinner, 
working on a quilt with my daughter, 
snuggling with my husband on the couch after dinner...just watching the littleones play.  
But that is next season. 
This season, 
the full one, 
I am living one day at a time, in grace, trying to make the most of it.

Could it be that just these little things make all the difference in the world?
I think it could.


  1. I really needed to hear this today. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately.
    Thank you,

  2. I absolutely love wandering through your days. It brings such peace and joy and reminds me to slow down a little and enjoy my life, my family and all the wonderful things God has blessed us with. Thank you!

  3. Terrific blog Julianne! You are right that it is all a matter of our heart-attitude. This can be very convicting when I realize my attitude sets the tone for everyone else in my home. I pray for God's grace to shine through me. May God continue to bless your family with precious moments in the midst of Fall busyness. By the way congratulations on the elk!

  4. Julianne-
    My name is Sarah and I'm a NICU nurse in Tennessee. I happened upon a picture of your and one of your sweet babies, holding hands, from a post in December 2010. I am currently in school for my neonatal nurse practitioner and am doing a teaching project about kangaroo care. I have no financial obligations- just making a presentation for my teachers. I would like permission to use this image in my presentation, if thats ok. Please let me know. Thanks- you have a beautiful family! God bless-

  5. Thank you sister :-) Yes, tis true - one can get overwhelmed in a hurry if they allow themselves to. Some days I'm so tired and I wonder how God could ever have thought that I could handle 3 more babies in my 40's LOL They are so precious though!! So.. I breathe deep of God's grace, plough forward with a smile and hug from little arms :-) All the "Mommy I love you" 's are worth it! Thanks for the inspiration once again!!

  6. Beautiful post about God's grace in home life!

  7. So very true, and beautifully said. It blesses me so much to read about the thinking, praying, and believing that goes on behind your lovely pictures! Thank you for making time to disciple and encourage as you go about your busy autumn days. God be with you!

  8. Dear Sarah,
    I am a big fan of kangaroo care, as you might have seen in a post last year. The picture is my daughter's, and as long as you give credit to her for it, we would be happy for you to use it. "Rosanna Marie photography"
    Blessings to you and yours!


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