Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall, Applesauce, and Grace

This full week, with all hands helping, we managed to get the elk in the freezer, 
and the applesauce canned, along with spaghetti sauce, completing our fall canning.  
I believe we have over 200 quarts of fruit and veggies put away now.
Today we put all the canning stuff away and gave the house a good cleaning.
We also scooched furniture around close to the fire now that the mornings and evening are cold.
With just fire wood left on the project list, I feel a burden lifted,
and can happily sit by the fire with a cup of tea...and rest.

 Gabe is more than willing to test the apple quality.

Everyone enjoyed the sauce making and wanted to help. 
I am not sure that this many hands make light work, but we had fun anyway.

The living room outfitted with a rug and chest I swiped from another room,
ready for tea and a story tonight after dinner.

Nothing, in my mind, says "cozy" like a pile of books and candlelight.

 A sunny spot for reading.

A corner for the littles and their books.

For our winter quarter of school that will begin Monday, 
we will be gathering close to the fire and reading about Lewis and Clark,
the Constillations and Stars,
and continuing our study of Old Testament Survey.
In the evenings, we are reading In The Heart of the Rockies, by GA Henty. 
This will be the third time we have read it aloud.  
It is one of our favorite Henty stories.
We read books to the little ones first, and try our best to get the smallest muchkin off to bed 
before the tea and candle light. 
Is there anything as comforting as gathering about the fire with children piled all around you,
reading well into the evening?
It seems to me the perfect way to end the day.

The Lord is so good to have given grace and mercy aplenty this week, 
amongst difficutlies and a full schedule. 
How any one can live withut Him is more than I can fathom.
Truly, His constant care is so palapable, 
His provisions timely, 
one KNOWS He is there watching and caring, 
overseeing and guiding with His mighty hand.
Because of this great love, our every day lives can be full of His goodness, 

And unlike our food provisions of apple sauce, vegetables and meat, stored up for winter, 
God's grace needs not be stored away,
for every day it is fresh and sufficient for the day at hand.


  1. Beautiful...

    I love that "we don't have to store up" God's mercy and is new every morning - great is His faithfulness!


  2. I love the little peeks into your days:) Time to cozy up here too, we had our first nor'easter this weekend. Love the book suggestions too. Any family board game ideas for these long winter nights?

  3. You have such a beautiful blog. I think I can fall inlove with it easily. You also have such a beautiful home!

  4. I am new to reading your blog but absolutley love it! I will be back many time over the winter months..although im sure our winters are nothing comparet to yours for a girl raised in florida the cold and snow(we do get a good amount) is very exciting! God bless you!

  5. Oh, that makes me miss wood heat! I want to cuddle up next to a cozy fire and read. I'll be content though with the space heater. :-)
    Great job preparing for winter!!!!


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