Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Non-Electric Life

When we built the lodge, the power company wanted a terrible amount to bring power
into our remote location.
At that point, we made the decision to spend our resources on solar panels,
batteries and a generator so that we could be off-grid.
Although I have always wanted to live in a little non-electric cabin, 
our family size and lack of a year around water source altered the ideal to being off-grid with solar power. 
Over the years we were building the lodge we began acquiring non-electric household goods.  
Now, when we are out at a yard sale or thrifting,
we are always on the lookout for such items. 

Coffee is an essential in our home, 
so when some friends gave us this awesome vintage coffee grinder, 
we were thrilled.  
They found it on eBay.

We make our coffee in a french press that we found at Goodwill.
Yes, I use antlers in all my decorating.


Clothes Dryer.
This is my indoor model.

And the outdoor model.

Dish washer.

Vacuum cleaner... and a cute one to boot!

Oil lanterns. 
Quite cozy and romantic on cloudy days in winter when we do not have enough solar to last the whole day. 
I think that sitting around visiting in the living room on a winter evening in lantern and candlelight
is the epitome of a lovely home life.

Night Light.
My brother gave us several of these Coleman mini lanterns.  
They are about 5 inches tall, have LED lights, and are ideal for middle of the night trips to the bathroom, or small children who like to have a bit of light to keep them company at night.

I am still on the lookout for a hand grind blender and a grain mill, but all in good time.
We are ever so thankful for the simplicity of more quiet eras
still available to us today, 
which I think brings a nice balance to what may otherwise become too hectic,
 fast paced, 
technology immersed life.

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  1. When my husband trained for the mission field 22 years ago, we learned that we can live well off the grid. Your home is lovely, and the life you are making in it is an aroma of's a gift to your children!



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