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"She Mothered Five"

My dear mom sent me this old poem written by Edgar A. Guest.

She mothered five!
Night after night she watched a little bed,
Night after night she cooled a fevered head,
Day after day she guarded little feet,
Taught little minds the dangers of the street,
Taught little lips to utter simple prayers,
Whispered of strength that some day would be theirs,
And trained them all to use it as they should.
She gave her babies to heaven's good.

 She mothered five!
She gave her beauty--from her cheeks let fade
Their rose-blush beauty--to her mother trade.
She saw the wrinkles furrowing her brow,
Yet smiling said:  "my child grows stronger now."
When pleasures called she turned away and said:
"I dare not leave my babies to be fed
By strangers' hands; besides they are too small;
  I must be near to hear them when they call."

 She mothered five!
Night after night they sat about her knee
And heard her tell of what someday would be.
From her they learned that in the world outs…

A Candle for Faith

Today was the fourth Sunday from Christmas, the first day of Advent. Each Sunday of Advent, we light a candle that will correspond with its facet of the incarnation and those who played an intricate role in the coming of our Savior.

Night falls on freshly fallen snow
 as our family dined together over scrumptious yummies such as caramel pumpkin bread pudding and mulled cider.
These are days that glow in the memory,
when treasured traditions come to life again.

  The anticipation of the new season sends tingles through us, so much so that I just had to share our lovely evening with you. 
    The first Sunday of Advent is the Prophecy Candle - FAITH Here are some selected sermon notes from seasons past:
I (Pastor Brian) have chosen to outline this message on the Prophecy of the Advent by using an acrostic, to help you remember.
The acrostic will be in the form of F A I T H. 
Those who anticipated the coming of the Messiah had to have FAITH that what God said through His prophets was …

Saturday Forts

When I was growing up,
my mom allowed me to make a ritual out of devastating the couch in the living room
to create a fort each Saturday morning.  I looked forward to Saturdays,
plotting and planning how I may improve on last week's fort.
 Once I had all the cushions off the couch, I could use them to make walls, toss blankets over them,
and have a cave, a house, a tree fort, or whatever habitation my active imagination could dream up.  Fond memories.  The kind I would like my own children to have.   So although I love a beautiful and clean home,
 I indulge the allowance for a fort, providing it does get picked up by the end of the day.

When I was pregnant with baby # 4, I had very bad morning sickness.  One particularly difficult morning,
I offered the children the opportunity to make a fort in the front room of our little farm house. 
They showed all the creativity I ever did, times 3, taking up the entire room.
  At around 11 am they were still in their jammies, as was I, …

Snow Day

The school teacher decided that this was the perfect day to call school closed because of snow.  Snowed- in doesn't exactly apply, since we are home schooling,  but a celebratory snow day could be accommodated.  Every one was excited, dressed for outdoor play before breakfast was done cooking,
except for Gabe- who took 20 minutes to get dressed  and then played outside for 4 minutes  before he cried of frozen fingers, because he would not leave his gloves on. He was then happy to stay inside with mama the rest of the day.

Finally, all were ready to come in and have some tea,  sit by the fire enjoying the warmth,

 Some even begged......

Once the noise came in, the woods were quiet and peaceful, but not empty.

We spied some neighbors passing by in lovely brown fur coats,  seemingly enjoying the snowy day as much as the children.
There will likely be many more snowy days ahead this winter, but the first big snow is the most exciting, the most celebrated.  It seemed a good time to m…

A Time For Rest

Ours was a quiet weekend to renew the soul.  Most of the children were gone, just the two littlest home with my love and I.  Snow gently falling.  Time for long naps, puttering, a walk down the drive in the chilly air.   The promise of cold weather this week  made me all the more inclined to snuggle in and spend a while in delightful hibernation.  I must have needed it.
Then on Sunday, the pastor,(my hubby ya know) ruggedly handsome in his cowboy boots and wranglers  after taking a spill on the ice in his dress clothes, preached his heart out on Psalm 103, the gratitude and thanksgiving that should define us,  and introduced the congregation to a new to us song,  Blessed Is the One, by Sovereign Grace Music.   A beautiful melody with words of life we need so much to recall to mind over and over,  until it becomes the song and beat of our heart.
Again a quiet afternoon, and all safely gathered in, laughing, enjoying, teasing, with the usual tickling and chasing that is incessant when you hav…

From Uganda to Idaho

Paul and Pam Hunter have been spiritual parents to us for over 20 years.   These beautiful people have discovered a new love in their gray years, Uganda.   Having founded Next Generaton Ministries,  they now spend most of the year in Uganda becoming spiritual parents  to a multitude of spiritually starving young people.   Uganda is ripe with a heavy harvest.   Now they are touring the states, telling believers about the opportunity to join them in  Uganda short term, and experience a culture very opposite our own.   Our daughter Rose is going with them next spring. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of an enduring friendship  is the ability to be on the same page and pick right back up after not seeing each other for a year or more.  This is easy to do with the Hunter's, they are some of the most Genuine, deliberate people you ever met.

We invited the church family over to Providence Lodge for dessert and an evening with the Hunters.   Paul shared a video about life in Uganda, a…

Naming Our Wee Babes

Many have been asking when am I due.  Baby # 9,  is due December 10,  three weeks away....3 days and a few hours.  :-)
The baby will be named for the things God has been teaching me this year, namely, becoming more peaceful with a gentle and quiet spirit.  I know that the Lord has moved my heart much this year,  and my prayer is that this work is becoming evident in my everyday life.
We have always named our children after what God is doing in our lives while I am carrying the next wee one. 

John, our oldest, was a miracle baby...born dead and resuscitated.  His name means "God's gracious gift." 
While carrying Anna, God intervened in our lives in many abnormal ways,  healing Brian's hurt arm,  providing for us when it was an elk and potatoes life.  We also made some really stupid choices at that time on our lives,  and God loved us anyway.  Her name is Grace.
Rose was named after her great grandmother and grandmother, both godly women whose lives shaped our own in…

Meat and Bread for Today

Monday is our daddy's day off,  and today he had a long list of things around the house to accomplish. Whilst the children and I were getting school work done, and the little ones played,  John and daddy worked on home maintenance,  and then got started cutting up the two deer we had hanging. 
 The children are just too cute, whether work or play or sleep,  I never tire of watching them, their antics, and facial expressions!

Knowing the kitchen would be occupied all evening with the meat cutting project,  I put some vegetable soup on. early to simmer throughout the day...

... and started some roll dough.  This is a new- to- me recipe, from my friend Enola Gay.   We made a double batch, and nearly finished all the rolls off at dinner.   I'd say it's a keeper.   Very moist, with great flavor.

Oat Dinner rolls

2 1/2 c. water
1  c. oats
2/3 c. brown sugar
3 Tbsp butter
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp yeast
5-6 c. flour
Boil 2 c. water, stir in oats. Add sugar, butter, salt and rest …

Some Things I Have Learned In My 13 Preganancies

Welcome to our practical Saturday post for large family living.
 This is when and where we share some practical things
that have helped us along the way of raising our large family. 
These are things I wish I would have known when we were struggling to adjust to a larger family,
or at about child #5.  Today, I am going to share some interesting things that I have learned in my 13 pregnancies.

Supplements and vitamins are very important,
even when you are young, and don’t feel like you need them.  I wrote about this in a previous post Pampering-Expectant-Mama.  
So I will skip writing about this aspect today.

Baby positioning is of critical consequence to having a good birth.
Once a mama gets to 32 weeks, she should be serious about the position of the baby.
 For the first five babies I had no idea how critical this was.
 If baby is not aligned correctly, labor can be long and more painful,
such as in a posterior birth, where baby presents face up. 
Carrying a baby in a posterior positi…

Let's Receive Each One

"Mama, I can't wait to have a big baby bump and swollen ankles like you," She said to me one evening recently.  My daughter is growing up.  Thoughts of Mr. Right, family values, and cute maternity shirts are often on her mind.  "Can I have that one for my hope chest?" she asks as she folds the laundry.  Undeniably, she makes better cookies than me, better pizza, lasagna, and a multitude of other things.
Wise beyond her years, I wonder what her future holds, and I pray.   I pray for each of my children, but this one seems ready to fly the nest before the others.  Stretching her wings already, daily she anticipates the flight that seems just around the bend.
Seeing the beauty the Lord has molded into her life,
 the heart for Him that has developed,
 her compassion and mercy, servants heart, and desire to encourage others,
I wonder, where did she come from?
Bossy, knows her mind and what everyone else should be doing, this little one has manipulative abilities t…