Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hush of Quiet... Do You Hear It?

There is something so settling and calming in studying God's magnificent creation. 
The world out our door hushed in early morning fog, 
blanketing the valley in it's gentle whisper to be still. 
So peaceful and quiet, 
doesn't it just beckon your soul to take retreat and linger in such a fashion
until you are refreshed, revived, and recharged.

A nasty cold bug has been systematically making the rounds through our home this last week.
 Mercifully, the Lord has kept this pregnant mama from catching it. 
I alone.
  Isn't that just like a loving Father?
  I am so awed that He would care of such a little thing.
  Our poor daddy got the worst of it though,
and for days coughed so violently I thought he would surely pass out. 
A preacher doesn't often get the opportunity to stay home from a Sunday because he is sick. 
Many times, our daddy has preached with fever,
heading out the back door when the sermon was over. 
This last Sunday the Lord allowed his voice to hold out through the sermon,
but daddy was done in by the time church was over. 
So we did something utterly wonderful Sunday afternoon. 
We did not do anything, the whole rest of the day.  
The little ones and mama and daddy had a nap,
and then we hung out in our room doing nothing,
with the children popping in to visit and hang out from time to time.
  Daddy certainly needed the rest, as was proven by how much better he felt the next day.

When illness comes to the family home, so often we fight against it, 
not willing that it should take over our schedules, deadlines, appointments. 
But there it is, begging us to be still and rest,
to take time to be quiet and "belax" as Miss Bethany says. 
Simply flowing with what life brings you, listening when it cautions you to hush,
rest, linger in quietness until you are well again. 
Such an out look summons one to snuggle down and breath in the refreshment needed, 
the time is unalterably provided.   

These autumn evenings of early dark call to me in much the same way.
  Doing nothing, allowing the after dinner hours to be restful and relaxing,
preparing me for another day.
  I am slow and easily tuckered out these days.  
The children appreciate just having mama around to talk to, 
cuddle up with, or sing with. 
We don't have to DO anything. 
The house is quiet and peace-like,
as much as you can imagine with 9 children here about. 
Some drawing at the table, some playing tea, some reading,
usually someone staring into the refrigerator, 
some playing with the puppy. 

Propping up my feet, I observe their cuteness, marvel at their play, visit, and just be. 
So unlike me. 
Yet this is what life is calling me to engage in at this season in my life. 
Soon the hushed time will end and we will all be bustling about again. 
But this time is to be enjoyed, welcomed, embraced. 
My flesh and nesty-ness has wanted to fight against it. 
Slowly I am learning to flow with it instead. 
As I flex with this short phase, I find my soul is calmed yet more and more.
  There is still a great deal left to be stilled, quieted, gentled,
but as I inch my way toward the time for birthing this wee one,
I  also am inching my way along the road toward a quiet spirit. 
Neither aspect has been particularly easy,
but then, they say that the things in life that are worth the most are never easy. 
I am extremely grateful for how patiently and gently the Lord teaches me day after day. 
Like gazing upon his beautiful creation,
his compassionate care settles my soul.  


  1. So grateful for your sharing.
    Makes me want to come over for coffee.
    Blessings to you today,

  2. Julianne,
    I have just recently found your blog through one of your followers and I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your writing. I look forward to seeing your post each day and find the way you write to be so lovely, lyrical and thought provoking. I have read some of your older posts as well and look forward to the day when I have more time for reading...someday.
    We have the sickies circling around our house too and it always seems to happen when I don't have time for it and the other day it hit me. When our schedule has become to frantic and I have lost my footing, someone gets sick and I have to STOP everything except the basics and wait. Wait for "babies" to feel better.Wait for outside obligations to cease. Wait for a good nights sleep. Just wait. And you know, it's at those times that I become grounded again. That I become refreshed again and that I remember that these are long days, but break my heart, short years.And although I hate it when my family is sick, I love it that all that is required of me is me. Make sense?
    Thanks for sharing each day. I have just been so blessed to be here as a wife and a mother.

  3. I am so sad I must stop reading your blog. I am experiencing unbelievable envy.


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