Friday, November 19, 2010

From Uganda to Idaho

Paul and Pam Hunter have been spiritual parents to us for over 20 years. 
 These beautiful people have discovered a new love in their gray years, Uganda. 
 Having founded Next Generaton Ministries, 
they now spend most of the year in Uganda becoming spiritual parents 
to a multitude of spiritually starving young people. 
 Uganda is ripe with a heavy harvest.  
Now they are touring the states, telling believers about the opportunity to join them in 
Uganda short term, and experience a culture very opposite our own. 
 Our daughter Rose is going with them next spring. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of an enduring friendship
 is the ability to be on the same page and pick right back up after not seeing each other for a year or more.  This is easy to do with the Hunter's, they are some of the most Genuine, deliberate people you ever met.

We invited the church family over to Providence Lodge for dessert and an evening with the Hunters. 
 Paul shared a video about life in Uganda, and spoke and answered questions for a few hours.  
A memeorable, inspiring evening.  I wish you could all have been here.

A visit to Providence Lodge would not be complete without being bombarded by children 
and shooting a gun.  
John turned out to be an excellent coach for Pam's first shots.  She is a natural.

How does one become a spiritual parent? 
 By making deliberate, real relationships with those you meet. 
 By genuinely informing your new acquaintance that they are a precious eternal soul whom God desires to redeem, transform, and use for His glory.  
This real, long term relationship approach often generates a heartfelt response from an average
Ugandan, and a life is transformed. 
 To see more, please visit their website, Next Generation Ministries
join their newsletter, watch their video, and consider going to Uganda yourself. 
 You may never be the same.

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  1. What a beautiful couple. I would love to go to Uganda one day.


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