Monday, November 8, 2010

The Rules of Our Home

In 1996, we decided that we needed to establish some simple, straightforward rules for our home.  
We wanted to create clear, defined boundaries for our family.
From here, we would know when to discipline, 
and the children would know the standard. 
After much thought, prayer, and searching the Scripture, 
These are what we thought covered all the bases:

1. "Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." 
Eph. 6:1

2. "Be kind and loving to each other."  Eph 4:32

3.  "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies."  Prov. 4:24

Our theory was that if a child adhered to these these rules,
they would be living with their siblings in a God honoring manner,
and would not likely be getting into much trouble.
We wrote each rule in calligraphy on an 8x10 paper and had them laminated. 
These we placed at the children's eye level on a prominent wall in our home. 
When a rule was broken, we would go to the wall and remind the child of the rules of our home, 
notice which one was broken,
and then proceed with whatever needed to happen. 
It did not take long for them to catch on,
learn the verses, and respond in their own thinking. 
Often we would overhear one child exhorting another to keep the rules.
  It has worked well for us. 
I like the fact that they are pure Scripture, and therefore, God's rules,
holding much more authority than something we ourselves could come up with.

As with many things that we start out greatly enthusiastic about,
sometimes we lose focus and motivation along the way. 
I was just reminded today that I misplaced our rules when we moved,
and so they have not been hanging on our wall for 8 months now. 
With little ones in training, needing to know their boundaries,
I simply must recreate the papers, 
since I cannot find the originals, and get them on the wall again.  

By hiding God's Word in our hearts,
and in the hearts of our children,
giving them concrete boundaries,
and loving them,
loving them,
loving them, 
we hope to maintain a balance in raising them up in the nurture and admonition
of the Lord.


  1. I have three wonderful children. My wife and I firmly believe in scriptural rules for our household. We have 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper on our walls too. Although they are covered with Hebrew. I used to say that this parenting thing was hard because there was no book. Though that is not the case now. Our scriptures tell us about this word "law" but the word is not correct in context. It has been translated from the word "Torah" which is defined as the "instructions for living". How silly it would be to think we would have to come up with all this on our own, for just as we are YHWH'S children our children are His in the first place. Blessings in Messiah, Chris

  2. Great idea for the rules. Simple and straightforward, easy to remember! LOVE the picture of the front of the house, beautiful.


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