Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Candle for Faith

Today was the fourth Sunday from Christmas, the first day of Advent.
Each Sunday of Advent, we light a candle that will correspond
with its facet of the incarnation and those who played an intricate role
in the coming of our Savior.

Night falls on freshly fallen snow
 as our family dined together over scrumptious yummies
such as caramel pumpkin bread pudding and mulled cider.

These are days that glow in the memory,
when treasured traditions come to life again.

  The anticipation of the new season sends tingles through us,
so much so that I just had to share our lovely evening with you. 

    The first Sunday of Advent is the Prophecy Candle - FAITH
Here are some selected sermon notes from seasons past:
I (Pastor Brian) have chosen to outline this message on
the Prophecy of the Advent by using an acrostic,
to help you remember.
The acrostic will be in the form of F A I T H. 
Those who anticipated the coming of the Messiah had to have FAITH
that what God said through His prophets was going to happen.

There were prophesies concerning the Lord Jesus since the garden of Eden.  
F – oretold in Eden – Genesis 3:15
A – a virgin will conceive and give birth – Isaiah 7:14
I – Immanuel: “God is with us.” – Isaiah 7:14
There were also prophecies concerning those who would make the way or announce the coming of the Christ.  – Isaiah 40:3
T- The Messiah is coming – make way – Isaiah 40:3
There are many other prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah... The Christ-child.... Jesus.... Our Savior and Lord.  Hosea 11:1(flight to Egypt), Jeremiah 31:15 (Herod killing babies)
H – History Fulfilled – FAITH BOLSTERED
Matthew 1:19-25 (Isaiah 7:14)
Matthew 2:13-15 (Hos 11:1)
Matthew 2:16-18 (Jer. 31:15)

This child was the CHRIST.  The MESSIAH.  He was IMMANUEL,
which means, "God With Us."

Setting a splendid table is as much of a Christmas time pleasure
as sharing our gladness with friends and family.
We greet the season with the pleasures of tea taken together,
song, prayer, The Advent Book, and our story. 

O Come, O Come Immanuel
And ransom Captive Israel
That mourns in lowly exile here
Until the Son of God appears
Rejoice, rejoice!
Immanuel shall come to thee O Israel.

As we embrace the simplicity of Advent 
over the hectic lifestyle of the popular Christmas traditions,
I hope you sense the peace.

I pray you find the time to put aside the urgent
and just meditate
on the coming of the savior to the world.
Soak in it a while,
and may a wonderful sense of tranquility fill your soul......

like a winter sun setting over the Mountain floods the room.


  1. Beautiful-
    Thank you

  2. I am very thankful for this post and it comes at such a needed time in our life. When married hubby and I decided we did not like the worlds way of celebrating Christmas. Our oldest(5) is autistic and never really noticed or cared that our home was not like others. Now that is is becoming higher functioning and has a younger sibling who is interested in Christmas I have been wanting to do something like this with them. Keep sharing :)


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