Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Tradition for a New Year

We began a new tradition this year at Providence Lodge. 
Wanting to be deliberate about creating a beautiful life for our family,
 Brian and I determined that
a treasure hunt and bonfire, complete with mulled cider and cocoa, 
would be a great way to celebrate the coming New Year.

So we invited over some friends and did just that, 
followed by a potluck and board games inside.

The cider on the BBQ was a huge hit.

It didn't seem to matter that it was 1 degree outside, 
friends had so much fun in the frozen outdoors,
 we did not want the day to end.

Everyone had a good time,
-with the exception of Gabe-
who thought that being trapped in his snow suit 
was some sort of punishment.

In the end, it was a super way to start off the New Year.
With Food, Fun, and Fellowship- you just can't go wrong!
I love Traditions!

Blessings to ya all in 2011,


Valerie said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Your new tradition sounds like a lot of fun and the pictures were great. :)

We too are beginning again. It was hard to find the motivation this time, but we're getting there. A new year, new goals and a refreshed perspective after a couple of weeks off. :)

Kristin said...

I am so glad you are back, sharing your gentle wisdom. And what a great idea to celebrate the New Year. I may have to use it next year!

Mrs. Patterson said...

I love this! I love to see your life in pictures! I love that you are so happy! Thank you for sharing! I hope the New Year brings you as many blessings as you can hold! ;D --Sara

Anonymous said...

The mulled cider and board games with friends and relations sounds fun, but I'll pass on the outdoor festivities, thanks! We were rained in last weekend, and spent a wonderful couple of days all gathered together in the living room playing games at a folding table. I never would have guessed that the kids could spend so many hours enjoying Connect 4!