Thursday, January 20, 2011

A War at Home

 There has been a war going on in our home
for the last few days. 
Inclement weather will bring it on every time.  
You probably know this as well, 
if you have boys in your home.  
It had been raining for a week on our 2 plus feet of snow,
making outdoors a sloggy mess. 
By day two Joe, Jim, and Ben needed an outlet
for their boyish energy. 
Fortunately, big brother was home, 
and kept stealing away to an outbuilding
in a surreptitious manner.
  All wondered what was going on,
when he revealed, with a wicked grin,
a cache of weapons of mass destruction: 
rubber band guns.

The guns started out simple in design, 
 one for each little man in the house.
  Then the war began, little men against big brother.  Barricades and a plague of rubber bands 
now fill our 3 story home.  
Tactical maneuvers escalate
and the weapons of war continually evolving.

On day four of this crazy, all consuming war,
the latest weapon emerged; a 25 round machine gun.

(Eye protection is strongly advised,
should your sons follow suit.) 
I will say, that the boys are very motivated 
to get their school work and chores done, 
because the rest of the afternoon will be spent 
trying to figure out some way to beat their big brother,
and all efforts will be made
in attempt to win at least one battle. 
So far, John- 4, boys -0.  
Even though the weather has improved,
and they could play outside,
stories of cowboys, mountain men, 
great adventures, and heros tumble through their mind, motivating them to persist in battle till the end, 
and so, the war rages on.
Boys will be boys.


  1. Sweet! Tim was impressed with the 25 shot one. I love it.

  2. How fun! My boys would LOVE that! I just love reading about the adventures your boys have and how creative they are. Life is such a grand adventure, especially to a little boy with a rubber band gun. :)

  3. Perfect! WE LOVE RUBBER BAND GUNS! Those days where everyone is stuck inside can be trying! Good luck :)


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