Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Journal 3

We awoke to a frigid 8 degrees outside this morning.
  With the cold, came a flu bug
slowly working it's way through the family. 
Three are down with fever and chills, 
bundled up in front of the fire. 
It is a slow, quiet day...except for a certain cow poke:

We have been reading "Down the long Hills" by Louis L'Amour,
a story about two children who survived an Indian raid
on a wagon train and are on the track to Fort Bridger
by themselves. The tail is full of cowboys, trackers, Indians, grizzlies, and mountain men.
  It has Ben imagining the glories of cowboy life. 
He looks pretty  handsome in that hat, don't ya think?

Someone thought Gabe needed some sweetening up.  
I think he is  awfully sweet already, and cute as a bugs ear. 
I may be a little biased though. 

Today we are reading, napping, 
and playing legos in front of the fire.
  I am making macaroni and cheese, sipping tea,
and cuddling with our sweet little bundle.
  She is 6 weeks old already.  
The time of newness and cradling a wee babe goes so fast! 
Therefore, I dont feel bad at all if I just take some time 
doing nothing but hold her, stroking her oh so soft hair.

I was reading in the Psalms this morning, as usual. 
I find myself returning to them over and over, 
like putting on a favored, well worn sweater 
or drinking from that special tea cup,
the psalms are my comforting portion for the day. 
I was reminded how God's love endures forever. 
He will always love, 
For every moment of forever.  
He will always lead, guide and correct.
  His love will endure through my worst and best days, 
and it is unchanging. 
This is our rest,
though life rolls pitching waves of turmoil
against us time and time again,
God's unfailing, enduring love is a safe harbor 
in which we can seek out peace to get through each day.

Ten things am thankful for today:
  God's enduring love,
a warm fire,
my family,
times of quiet,
the joy of little kids,
the Psalms,
and You.

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  1. Julianne, sorry to hear you have sick little ones, we've had a nasty cold bug going through our family, praying it runs itself out before anyone else gets sick. I've got it now, but thankfully am feeling better every day. :)

    A warm fire and a slow paced day sounds wonderful! Your little cowboy is VERY handsome in his hat and your little one with the colorful lolly pop is super sweet looking in that warm sweater. What wonderful pictures, as always! Love "visiting" your blog...and home. The peace you have exudes from your photos and blog posts. Thank you for sharing's something that I am working to find myself. :)


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