Saturday, January 8, 2011

From our Home to Yours

 I invite you to nestle up with a cup of tea 
for down to earth chit chat, and the best photos of the week,
from our  home to yours.

We are back into school and a daily routine,
which is a very pleasant change of pace. 
Anna helps with the little ones;
Bethany and Gabe, at one end of the table,
and we tag team to help Ben.

Just in case you love this little green dress as much as I do, 
I did a search on ebay for "girls smocked dress," with her size,
and found page after page of wholesome dresses,
most unaffordable, but a few were very reasonable. 
We were able to get this one for under $15 including shipping.

John has been occupied with his trap line.
  It takes him 4-6 hours a day to run it. 
Yesterday, he got his first beaver of the season. 
This one hadn't drowned in the set, which would make it permissible to eat. 
Beaver meat is the highest protein meat available,
just so you know, in case you are ever in a survival situation. 
We did not eat it, just to clarify. :-)
   John  harvested the castor for using as lure in his traps,
and will use the meat as bait. 
Our freezer is now brimming with all kinds of odd things.

  Beautiful.  Delightful.

"The home improves happiness 
and abates misery
by doubling our joy and diving our grief."  
-Joseph Addison

January always brings me a need to clean, organize anew, and declutter.
  So, after schooling is done, I have been doing just that. 
I went through my desk and each drawer, reclaiming them as my own again. 
I also moved it's location
and am feeling much more inclined to sit at it
and get things done that I have been procrastinating, 
like thank you notes. 
I inheritied this old desk from my parents,
who have had it in their garage for years.  
I believe it was my dad's accountant's desk at one time. 
I can usually find all kinds of interesting things in the cubbies; lego men, 
rocks, pocket knives, chewed gum....

Here are some shots of my decluttering efforts:

I love waking up to a clean home.
  It is a very energizing way to start the day. 
The children are all very occupied with playing this morning, 
so while Olivia is napping, perhaps I will be off to make aprons.

Sending blessings your way.  Have a wonderful weekend!

"A house becomes a home when each room is clothed with peace,
each wall is covered with laughter, 
and each heart is filled with love."


  1. Loved your post thankyou for sharing!

  2. I know this may sound silly but my oldest daughter would love nothing more than to marry a man like your oldest son some day. A homesteading type man. A Family man and a solid Christian. We don't find many around us it seems and at 18 she's starting to have thoughts in that direction. It is refreshing and gives us hope that some day she'll be able to find a man (or he'll find her) that wants a wife that wants nothing more than to be a wife and mom to & for him. Thanks for giving us hope :-)

  3. Julianne, can I come live with you? :) Your home looks like such a place of rest, so beautiful and peaceful! Oh how I long to have my home feel like that. It seems to be a work in progress for me, slowly we are getting there.

    Thank you for sharing your home, your beautiful children and your gorgeous log home. I LOVE coming to "visit" here. :)

    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Your home is soooo beautiful and I love reading your blog. It is such an encouragement to me. I am still in the little people stage, expecting #4 and not nearly that organized yet. That is one of my goals for this year, with a new one, I need to have more order!

  5. Your home is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I love waking up to a clean house too.

  6. I grew up trapping with my grandpa in Northern CA until they outlawed it. :-( But it brings back so many wonderful memories of time spent together with him. :-)

    What a blessing to live in an area that your son can trap and help provide for your family with meat and fur.



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