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Picture Journal

Just a quick, snap chat type journal today.
 This morning, Olivia steals my coffee.

Gabe steals my heart...again.

Olivia steals a hat and shoes.

 This afternoon, the neighbors come for a visit.

Jim becomes discontent with being Caucasian.

We have popcorn for dinner.

Live Laugh Love.
Then do it all over again tomorrow.

Vintage Quilt

She hand stitched it in the 40's,
by hand.   Quilted it, by hand...  all 10,000 pieces.

 After she had passed on, her daughter gave it to my mom,  and now the old  quilt was being passed on to me.

"It has lived in two log cabins since the 40's", mom said, unwrapping the bundle,  "and I think it belongs in your log house now."   My heart quickened when I saw it.

I knew I would lay it on the piano, a place it will be seen and admired... but at that moment, I had no idea what would happen
 as I rest  my eyes upon it while I sit in the rocker by the fire.

The old quilt speaks to me. 
What can be accomplished,
it asks,
 when a person takes one small thing and adds to it?

 Bits of scraps seem to lecture me of the faithfulness in little, when added and multiplied,  can become something awesome.
It could be anything:  savings, time, discipling...
oh there are so many facets the analogy could take.
 The diminutive pieces of the vintage quilt are singing to me of kin…

Elk In Our Yard

It is quite cold again this morning at our log house in the woods. My thermometer said 11 degrees outside,  which is, by the way,  warmer than yesterday. 
With clear skies, the sun is up sparkling on the snow.   Dazzling.

  We are a good hour late today getting around,  breakfast and chores done, schooling started,  for we had some special visitors in our "yard" early this morning. They, in their quiet beauty,  became a simple pleasure that set the tone for the day.

Quietly, we gathered at the window,  sitting very still,  and observed 5 elk for about 45 minutes  while they browsed the trees and brush about 30 feet behind the lodge.   They are just gorgeous.   No matter how often we see elk and deer,  I find it ceaselessly amazing to watch them.

Simple things,  such as watching wildlife,  are oft times, the best of gifts.
A pleasant way to start the day.

Wood Cook Stove Days

Outside, the weather has been cold... in the single digits and teens. 
 Beautiful,   but frigid.
 Some don't mind the cold at all, they are well equipped.... Caspian for instance...

Or Little Bit here.   Little Bit has a lotsa warm fuzzy hair to keep him warm  and adorable as ever.

Inside,  we have a wood cook stove  that adds the extra warmth the lodge needs in this kind of weather. The lodge is so very big, with high ceilings which make it challenging to keep heated.   In the cold weather, below 20 degrees or so, we really have to keep the cook stove going all day  for adequate heat through out the house. Therefore, we are doing a majority of cooking on and in the charming cook stove.  One can always find tea water, and often some pot of soup or sauce simmering.

Today we are making cheeseburger soup for lunch. (no recipe, we just made it up)

                        After a while, you get used to the rhythm of stocking the firebox with fuel.

My Lovely Rose

I have a daughter that one does not often see or hear about.
Part of the reason she is rarely seen here  is because she is the one behind the camera a good deal of the time,  the one responsible for all of the really good photos you see here. 
 Rose is a talented young lady.   Not quite 18, she exhibits a heart for ministering to others  and a depth of spiritual understanding that leaves her set apart, which is the very name she choose for her blog  that features her adventures in Uganda Africa,   her amazing photography,  and a pure heart that loves the Lord.

Rose is an enthusiastic, self motivated, inspired soul.   Encouraging others, especially those who are feeling down  is the pulse of her heart.  She is also hugely creative, making her the best babysitter around.   She is currently finishing up her high school career  and looking at launching a business in photography.   A very capable gal,  Rose can be found tromping through the woods with rifle or camera,  playing the guitar …

Dinosaurs and Birthdays

The last week and a half have been quiet, uneventful days,  full of cuddling sick children, doctoring and trying to make comfortable those little ones,  and bigger ones too, who have succumbed to strep throat. 
 In the midst of all this, Gabe had a birthday.   The little tiger is already 4 years old!   I was just explaining to a friend the other night  how we decided to take the children window shopping before Christmas  so that grandma would know what she wanted to get them,  and also, we would have an idea of what Gabe would like for his birthday.   We did this, because the children, especially the younger ones, don't get out much.   When we asked Gabe what he wanted for a birthday gift,  he said, " a dinosaur!"   Well, he already has 47 dinosaurs, I said.. ( a later count revealed that he actually only has 43).   I thought that perhaps he doesn't know any better... he doesn't know the scope of toys that are out there... so we took them window shopping.  In th…