Monday, January 7, 2013

Dinosaurs and Birthdays

The last week and a half have been quiet, uneventful days,
 full of cuddling sick children, doctoring and trying to make comfortable those little ones,
 and bigger ones too, who have succumbed to strep throat. 

 In the midst of all this, Gabe had a birthday. 
 The little tiger is already 4 years old! 
 I was just explaining to a friend the other night
 how we decided to take the children window shopping before Christmas 
so that grandma would know what she wanted to get them, 
and also, we would have an idea of what Gabe would like for his birthday. 
 We did this, because the children, especially the younger ones, don't get out much.
  When we asked Gabe what he wanted for a birthday gift, 
he said, " a dinosaur!" 
 Well, he already has 47 dinosaurs, I said..
( a later count revealed that he actually only has 43).
  I thought that perhaps he doesn't know any better...
he doesn't know the scope of toys that are out there...
so we took them window shopping.
 In the middle of my explanation,
 he says, "Mama, mama...We should make window- shopping 
 BUYING- shopping!"

That one is going in my book of quotes.
  I love this age.

 After hours looking at the seemingly endless variety of toys for his age, in two toy stores, 
guess what he liked.... 

The day of the Birthday celebration came. 
He was in great suspense.  
The anticipation of what was in those packages had his eyes shining, 
and fairly squealing when they were opened.

After the birthday, more children fell sick.
  So we had lots of lap time,
 lots of reading aloud
 or listening to audio books while coloring
 or cuddling with kittens.

Olivia has taken an interest in drawing.
Since her siblings all seem absorbed in drawing a good deal of the time,
this is a natural reaction, 
and a cute one to boot.
Most of her attempts so far look like amoeba.

  Gabe is feeling much better today, as is Bethany. 
He is back at his play, 
and it is looking like a bad day for

But not in the mind of a 4 yr old. 
Today,  Piglet and Tigger are Ninja's with super powers.....

I know you've heard it before, but I will go ahead and say it again:
I love this age!


  1. What an adorable boy! I love little boys. My youngest is seven already! boo!

    Sorry the kids have all been sick...glad for the cuddle time for you all, and that they are on the mend.

    Trust you'll be well to keep on nursing the sick ones!

    God bless!


  2. Oh, I love the picture of Tigger taking on all the dinosaurs!
    Boys are so fun, especially little boys with their broad imagination.
    I agree that these days are so special with little ones scurrying through the house doing this and that.
    I hope you all feel better soon; although snuggling when sick is such a wonderful blessing for us mothers. ;)
    Thinking of you,

  3. Julianne. Learning how to blog from Ms. Anna. Love your blog. Joy

  4. Here also a boy who love dino's. I wish you a fine week with beautiful moments.

  5. Great post, Julianne! Sorry that the little ones (and big ones) have been sick, but I do treasure the snuggle time, as do you!

    Heather C


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