Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Lovely Rose

I have a daughter that one does not often see or hear about.

Part of the reason she is rarely seen here
 is because she is the one behind the camera a good deal of the time,
 the one responsible for all of the really good photos you see here. 

 Rose is a talented young lady. 
 Not quite 18, she exhibits a heart for ministering to others 
and a depth of spiritual understanding that leaves her set apart, 
which is the very name she choose for her blog
 that features her adventures in Uganda Africa,
  her amazing photography, 
and a pure heart that loves the Lord.

Rose is an enthusiastic, self motivated, inspired soul.  
Encouraging others, especially those who are feeling down
 is the pulse of her heart. 
She is also hugely creative, making her the best babysitter around.  
She is currently finishing up her high school career
 and looking at launching a business in photography.  
A very capable gal,
 Rose can be found tromping through the woods with rifle or camera, 
playing the guitar at church, 
organizing a bake sale to help fund a friend's mission trip, 
(and she bakes really, really well)
helping mama with the housework, cooking, or children, 
and chatting with friends via facebook.

I  enjoy talking with Rose,
 be it silly things that make us laugh till we cry,
 or long talks of deep spiritual things.  
We have become good friends. 
 She is a lovely soul...
A rose just begun to bloom.

In the summer of 2011, Rose spent two months in Uganda, Africa, 
and it has left an indelible imprint on her life. 
I believe Africa will always be apart of her and what she does.  

Here is her blog Go on and take a look. 
 May you be encouraged and inspired there.
I know I am.


  1. Rose is a jewel. I love having her around. This is a very good summary of who Rose is. I also love the pictures of this very special young woman.

  2. Daughters are such a precious gift. Mine are grown and gone and I miss them so much, but cherish the times we had together as they were growing up.

  3. So pretty and so talented! I really have enjoyed her blog, such a wise young lady.


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