Friday, January 25, 2013

Vintage Quilt

She hand stitched it in the 40's,
by hand. 
 Quilted it, by hand... 
all 10,000 pieces.

 After she had passed on, her daughter gave it to my mom, 
and now the old  quilt was being passed on to me.

"It has lived in two log cabins since the 40's", mom said, unwrapping the bundle,
 "and I think it belongs in your log house now."  
My heart quickened when I saw it.

I knew I would lay it on the piano, a place it will be seen and admired...
but at that moment, I had no idea what would happen
 as I rest  my eyes upon it while I sit in the rocker by the fire.

The old quilt speaks to me. 

What can be accomplished,
it asks,
 when a person takes one small thing and adds to it?

 Bits of scraps seem to lecture me of the faithfulness in little,
when added and multiplied,
 can become something awesome.
It could be anything:  savings, time, discipling...
oh there are so many facets the analogy could take.

 The diminutive pieces of the vintage quilt are singing to me of kind words, 
when repeated over and over become a heap..
a heap to heal, 
to strengthen,
 to encourage.

Just imagining the quilter taking such pains with bits
 that most people would toss away as uselessly small
 inspires me
to courageously tackle that difficulty that lies before me
one tiny step at a time. 
 Yes, it must have taken great courage to begin such a project.

 She must have had a great amount of patience and perseverance as well. 
 The quilt speaks of character, 
giant character
 hidden in a kind old woman who didn't look very extraordinary....
but she was.

As much as the world screams and rages at us to be significant,
 the quilt whispers to me to be faithful in the small things, 
to live humbly and quietly,
yet with great courage..
 like the quilter.

"And do not be weary in well doing
 for in due season you shall reap
 if you faint not."  
Gal. 6:9


  1. No truer words have ever been spoken. Thank you for this reminder. My heart fills just reading the words.

  2. Julianne,
    I write as I wipe tears away. What a beautiful tribute to the quilter, as well as a fine piece from which one can gain inspiration, Both the quilt and the sentiments are works of art. I have a feeling, like the fine handwork that inspired it, the eloquent words of your post will be read 75 years from now with the same admiration as the viewer of the quilt feels gazing upon bits of beautiful cloth and tiny fine stiches, expertly pieced together. Thank you.


  3. Lovely quilt. Beautiful words.

    Thank you.

  4. Beautiful insights you have been given!

  5. Beautiful ! .... may all that come behind us find us faithful !
    ~ H.C. ~ A reader from NC

  6. This gave me chills! Thank you for being an encourager of good things!!!:)

  7. Julianne,

    What a beautiful quilt.

    "the quilt whispers to me to be faithful in the small things"

    Thank you for these wise words, I will treasure them.

    By Grace,

  8. You might read "The Quilt" on a dying woman's desire to create one last thing of beauty.
    She was joined by others in the project.
    The thing of beauty was group which was created. The group then completed the quilt.
    There are so very many ways to stitch our lives to others, if we only pause to do so.

  9. Hi Julianne
    Yesterday, I spent about three hours reading your blog. The time I invested reading was worth every minute of it. I started from the very beginning, to your October 2006 post, and moved upward. I am already in the 2010 chapter of your story, but it will take me some time to finish all 145 posts for that year. But I will come back. At many points in your writing, I couldn't help but shed tears of joy. We have never met, and we come from different continents, but we love and serve the same God, His Son, and Holy Spirit. What joy it is to visit here and stay a while. Now when I come over I feel like visiting a friend, and not a stranger. Did I tell you before that I also have one daughter, and her name is Anna Grace.

    Much love to you and your family.

    Blessings of shalom.

  10. Thank you so much! This was very encouraging to me.

  11. Love, love LOVE this story! (I am just catching up on some of your stuff I have never read! Great reading!) love you, Lady!


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