Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elk In Our Yard

It is quite cold again this morning at our log house in the woods.
My thermometer said 11 degrees outside, 
which is, by the way,
 warmer than yesterday. 

With clear skies, the sun is up sparkling on the snow.  

  We are a good hour late today getting around,
 breakfast and chores done, schooling started,
 for we had some special visitors in our "yard" early this morning.
They, in their quiet beauty,
 became a simple pleasure that set the tone for the day.

Quietly, we gathered at the window, 
sitting very still, 
and observed 5 elk for about 45 minutes 
while they browsed the trees and brush about 30 feet behind the lodge. 
 They are just gorgeous. 
 No matter how often we see elk and deer, 
I find it ceaselessly amazing to watch them.

Simple things,
 such as watching wildlife, 
are oft times, the best of gifts.

A pleasant way to start the day.

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