Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Journal 6

We are enjoying the sunshine today, so cheerful and invigorating
one cannot help but be glad.
When the sun peeps out, we make a beeline to start some laundry. 
Sunshine means solar power, which translates into doing laundry for free.
The children dash out side to play in the snow berms.  
It has been mostly rainy these last few days, so they have been inside a bit more than usual.
  When several children come in from the wet, crusty snow banks, they are soaked to the skin,
and all their snow clothes must be peeled off and dried. 
Out comes the folding drying rack from Lehman's. 
I just love this rack.  It is accordion style, so it folds up nicely when not in use.
Set up next tot he wood stove, their clothes dry out quickly, which is a good thing,
because after some cocoa and snacks, they want to go back out and enlarge their snow fort.

Meanwhile, Rose is baking in the kitchen in preparation for a bake sale
to raise funds for her upcoming trip to Uganda. 
Being a small rural community, there is no bakery for many miles.
We have found this predicament to be an ideal location for a bake sale.
Set up on the sidewalk between the Mercantile and the post office, 
with a bit of word of mouth advertising, 
and she has customers lined up awaiting her arrival.

  I have some new books I am looking forward to reading. 
I have just begun both. 
Anne Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts" is the kind of book that is life altering. 
I have only just finished chapter 2, and yet I am already convinced I will need to buy a case of them 
and give them out to all my friends.

A birthday gift from a  friend, "The Psalms of David" with illuminations by James Freemantle, 
is a gorgeous spine, with the feel of a one of a kind antiquity.
This book is captivating at once to anyone who adores the Psalms.
I am quite sure this copy will become a treasured favorite. 
Since I daily find myself reading the Psalms, 
I am just giddy about beginning my day fingering through these beautiful pages.

Today, John is out and about looking for varmits to kill, 
Anna is being her usual helpful self around the house and with the children,
and  my mom and I have set upon a seemingly impossible project.
  We are, of necessity, weaning Olivia, and she has not taken to the idea kindly. 
Thankfully, my dear mom has come to lend a hand for a few days.
Any advice will to be received with eagerness.

 From our home to yours,
enjoy your family,
hug your children, 
give thanks for God's goodness and the beauty that surrounds you,
and be blessed.


  1. Oh sounds like an absolutely lovely day! :-)

  2. I am so looking forward to wood heat next winter, and the cozy look of a clothes drying rack...

    What's going on with Oliva and needing to wean?

    Rose: The food looks wonderful! Yum!

    Love you guys, and we need to come up soon!

  3. Thank you for these glimpses into the daily beauties of a lovely, faithful life. What a blessing to read and enjoy pictures here. Blessings from MN! ~Melissa J.

  4. I just discovered your blog. What a precious family you have. I love your Godly, simple lifestyle. What a blessing.

  5. So lovely to read about your day!
    Sorry to hear that you have to wean your baby. I had to bottlefeed my last babies - twins - after successfully nursing 7 other babies! It was very, very upsetting to me, and filled me with grief so I'm praying for you. I don't have advice on how to actually wean, but the best thing that I did with my boys was to try to still be the one to feed them as much as possible and to rock them before naps and bedtime. I was concerned that the very important bonding with momma wouldn't take place in the same way. But the apron strings seem to have been tied successfully!
    Also, we had to try a few different types of bottles in order for the babies to drink happily. And I ended up having to put them on a four hour schedule - which also was strange after demand feeding. But this was the only way for them to not have upset tummies!
    God bless you, Julianne!

  6. Just wondering why you are weaning Olivia so early.

  7. Oh Julianne, I love reading your posts. You will find the Voskamp book powerful. For me, it was life-changing, and although I just got it, I am in the process of re-reading it for the THIRD time. At this point, I have only given my sister a copy, but keep thinking of people to whom I want to give a copy. Blessings, Maggie in Virginia

  8. I was just wondering why you wean your baby so early.

  9. The best way to wean a little one is slowly. Best for baby and best for mama. Too quick and mama could end up with a breast infection which is NOT fun. Just removing one nursing time a day for a week is a start. Gentle weaning is best. Is she really ready to wean? Mine pretty much just weaned themselves. It just dropped off little by little and then one day you realize it had been quite awhile since they nursed. I have nursed 6 children.

  10. Julianne,
    I am also reading Ann Voskamp's book. A like-minded neighbor gave it to me to read while breast feeding my new little guy. I am about half way through and thought I'd challenge myself to write 10 blessings a day during Lent. I will post them on my blog as I go. I look forward to this adventure with God. Wishing you and your family well. Thank you for continueing to inspire my husband and I with your thoughtful insights into daily life and faith.


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