Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Moments

Today was such a randomly nice day.
  The sun was out most of the day melting the snow, making the little creek rushing and swollen.
  I found every excuse to go outside for this or that, but still managed to spend most the day indoors.  There was bread to bake and muffins to be assembled for the "locusts,"
Joe sick on the couch, and puzzling to do over taxes.
A bit of longing did sweep through from time to time
as I watched the children gallivanting through the woods before breakfast 
and after school work was done. 
Soon, I hope, the driveway will be safe for my daily walks. 
Currently, it looks as though the mud could swallow one up.

We got off on a bit of a rabbit trail during school this morning studying American currency, 
which wasn't anywhere in the plan, but slipped in while counting change with Ben. 
By lunch time all of us were involved, staring at a dollar bill,
 learning all about the symbolism
and what president was on what coin and so forth. 
It was fun. 
I do not often feel I have the time (or patience) for extra dabbling,
so this was a rare change of pace.

The family is preparing to scatter this way and that for the weekend. 
Sometimes it seems as though I am watching our family as from above, like a fly on the ceiling.  Somewhere during this,
it occurred to me that these little moments of normal daily life are the most valuable,
most important ones in our lives. 

Here, where our relationships are formed in simple moment by moment living, 
may seem insignificant, but nothing could be further from the truth.  
This is where you are real, 
where your influence wields the strongest in the building up of character. 
No, there is certainly nothing insignificant in the small details 
of daily routine and training of life that we live within our own doors. 
Similar to notes on a page of music, 
when each note, one by one, is added upon the others,
a lovely melody springs forth, and so, every individual note is of great importance.

Therefore, the lighting of a candle first thing in the morning,
or putting a pretty bow in daughter's hair, 
speaking in a kind tone, 
tucking in little encouragements to each other throughout the day,
dancing with the baby to the Josties,
these become the grace notes that add particular beauty and charm to our days,
and carry on to characterize our lives.
This morning I read Psalm 100 that reminded me of this very thing.
  "Make a joyful noise to the Lord, serve Him with gladness, come before him with singing"...
  it gives the impression of a life of deep happiness surging up from within,
a strong fountain, flowing out in an abundant, beautiful life.
This life begins with little moments of gratitude that build upon each other, 
gathering beauty and grandeur as they build, 
until a great symphony has resulted.
 "Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise,
be thankful to Him and bless His name for the Lord is good, 
His truth endures to all generations."
Although all our individual moments are not romantically perfect,
we have the very next moment to improve upon the last.  
Through God's grace, we can purpose to make each moment count.

 "God cares about the little moments of your life because life mostly consists of "little moments"; 
the character of your marriage (life) will be defined by how you respond
and make use of the little moments." -Paul Tripp

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