Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God Satisfies

My sweet husband brought me a cup of coffee in bed this morning, and turning on the ipod,
allowed me some quite contemplation while listening to Max McClean read Psalm 107.
The chapter title is, "God satisfies the longing soul." 
The key verses: 8,9,
"Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness,
and for his wonderful works to children of men.  
For he satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness."  

Coffee and the Psalms is the right way to begin a day, in my book.
Our household is recuperated from difficult times,
trials and a few horrific days of combined food poisoning and baby weaning.
Gaberiel is feeling better today, after having gotten into something(???) 
and paying drastic consequences with food poisoning. 
But, he has himself all dressed up and is playing happily. 
This mama is very thankful that is over and life can resume on a more peaceful level. 
If you ever find yourself battling against the dehydration of a baby or toddler,
it would be good to know a few things, 
things that could keep you from visiting the hospital,
things that will ease the severity of the illness. 
Things I learned from my dear friend, Enola Gay, 
such as making homemade Pedialite restorative, 
or rice milk to feed a distressed tummy,
and spoon feeding such mixtures every 5 minutes to prevent dehydration. 
Good stuff.  I hope you will visit her at

My dear mother left this morning.  I think she should be sainted. 
This godly grandmother has blessed her children and grandchildren 
by visiting in a time of need and using her years of wisdom to pitch in with laundry,
the baby, reading to the little ones, and humbly serving in a way
that takes some of the stress off the household. 
She arrived with boxes of popcicles, a large print Bible, and hands ready to serve. 
I write notes in my journal of how I plan to follow in her footsteps when I am a grandmother.

We are doing much better with Olivia, and I thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and helpful wisdom.  Many have asked why I am weaning her so early.  
As I said in the last post, for medical reasons. 
Before I discovered I was carrying her, I was about to embark upon medical treatment,
but did not, because I learned of my pregnancy
and one cannot be pregnant or nursing while receiving the treatment. 
I believe the difficult pregnancy and c-section were due to the persisting problems,
and I am still in need of treatment. 
We believe it to be wise to get this taken care of before it gets more serious. 
Olivia is  reluctant with a bottle still, but we are slowly gaining ground towards complete weaning. 
My wise husband recommended putting syrup on the bottle nipple, which in the end, did the trick.  Olivia did not like the taste of the bottle nipple, if that is masked, she goes right to feeding. 
This is a nice thing to know, in case you are ever in need,
but, what I gleaned from it, is that sometimes the most unlikely people give the best advice,
and, that God is faithful to give our husband's wisdom to lead their family. 
Trust God.  Listen to husband.

While Jim was cooking lunch,
the rest were finishing up school work or off to play, 
John, Anna, Rose and I began to read Mark Driscoll's book, "Doctrine."  
Chapter one resembles my time in the Word this morning. 
He eloquently says,
"Deep longings pervade the human heart.  
We long for selfless, trustworthy, unending love
from someone we can trust to be faithful and helpful.  
We long for unity within the great diversity of humanity, 
some means by which we can live in peace and oneness that benefits each of us. 
We long for communication--from face to face conversations 
to the proliferation of modern technology created for the purpose for letting us know others 
and be known by them-and have seemingly insatiable passion to speak and be spoken to. 
We long for community,
significant and earnest relationships with others, 
so that we are part of a people devoted to something larger and greater than our individual lives.
We long for humility,
where people pour themselves out unreservedly for the benefit and well-being of others. 
We long for peace, harmony, and safe altruism for others and ourselves 
so that abuse, cruelty, misery, and the painful tears they cause could stop. 
We long for a selfless common good, 
a world in which everyone does what is best for all
and is not so viciously and exclusively devoted to self-interest and tribal concerns. 
...Our longings are in fact, by design
-longings for the Trinitarian God of the Bible and a world that is a reflection of the Trinity."

Isn't God good to guide us right to that, today,
when it goes so beautifully with the Psalm reading today? 
Isn't he good to bring such sumptuous food to this mama's thirsty soul 
at just the right timing so it all clicks?
  It resonates with me, today.  
Yes, He is good!
Whether you are in the midst of a crying baby, sick children,
trials or persecutions,
loneliness, or times of peace,
He satisfies.


  1. Your sweet mother should be sainted! She is so beautiful, the picture of her and Gabe is so precious!

    Praying for wisdom and guidance as you seek treatment. We love you!


  2. I have finally caught up with you. I started with your first post and have beed reading for a couple of weeks. I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your bog and lok forward to reading more. You and your family have blessed me and I pray you will be blessed.

  3. What a beautiful family! I know that your mother has to be so happy with her family! A beutiful grandmother, she is!!!

    Debbie S.


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