Friday, June 17, 2011

22 Reasons

Today we celebrate 22 years of a covenant that has gotten stronger, deeper and sweeter through it's length.  Today, I am giving my husband 22 reasons that I love him more today than I did on our wedding day in 1989.

1.  He loves the Lord more than he loves anything else.
2.  He is humble and teachable.
3.  He displays his priorities of God, wife, children, job, others consistantly.
4.  He protects me.
5.  He is a loving, fun and discipling father.
6.  He likes pretty things.
7.  He is romantic.
8.  He strives to understand his complex wife.
9.  He doesn't take me to the hardware store.
10.  He gets up at 5 am with the baby.
11.  I can trust him.

12.  He still pursues me.
13.  He leads.
14.  He falls asleep reading bedtime stories.  :-)
15.  He is thoughtful.
16.  He is a servant leader.
17.  He has a big heart.
18.  He has a beautiful singing voice and a heart of worship.
19.  He makes the BEST coffee.
20.  He is my best friend.
21.  He is ruggedly hansome.
22.  He is the real thing; genuine, transparent, truly a godly man.

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure.
  Not me only, but our children as well.
Today, I am rejoicing in my dear sweet husband, 
thanking the Lord for bringing us together 
and celebrating the love of my life.



  1. Congratulations! My husband and I will also celebrate our 22nd anniversary this summer! :) We are so blessed to have such amazing men that love us! :) Have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Our anniversary is today as well...11 years! :D We also found out yesterday we are pregnant with #7, and we're so excited! Hope you guys have a wonderful day together! :D --S

  3. Happy Anniversary to you two! What a blessing to celebrate 22 years and to be so happy and in love. So many do not have that. I am also very blessed to be approaching 14 years with my hubbie!

    Love your new family photos, by the way, Julianne!
    Heather C
    Benge Wa

  4. I followed a link from my blog to another blog to your blog and had to leave a comment to tell you happy anniversary and what a beautiful couple you two are! Congratulations on 22 years!


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