Thursday, June 9, 2011

J.R, Miller

Sometimes, we get swallowed up in the day to day activities and events of life 
and therefore lose sight of the beauty that God intended for us to enjoy within family life. 
Piles of laundry, a sick baby, a hectic schedule 
can blind us to the joy of the Lord and the beauty around us, 
then we find ourselves empty of joy
and questioning, 
or irritable.  

Sometimes we listen to the world, begging for our attention, 
which then grabs us and convinces us that a distraction from real priorities is actually good for you.  
There are so many options to tear your heart away from home. 
Nowadays, with the internet, 
 you don't even have to leave home
to be distracted 
away from home.

I asked a friend for a description of her mother, 
here is part of the startling reply:  
"My mother was always fully present with us.  
I could bring her a big pile of books and she would always read the whole stack to me.
  If I went to get more, she would read those too. 
She always had time for us."

Fully present.  
That has stuck with me.  
Too many times my answer is, "just a minute honey", or "not now dear."  
As if whatever task I am occupied in is more important than my own dear children.

Sometimes slowing down, saying no to good things, but distracting things, 
and focusing in on our loving Heavenly Father, 
our home,
and our family 
is what is needed to restore and recharge a weary or overwhelmed soul. 

if you slow down and listen, 
you can hear Father calling you to simplify, 
purify your priorities, 
and turn your heart towards home.

  "Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives- 
Homelife is meant to be beautiful, ennobling, and victorious!"  
God intends for each person, from parents to child, 
to play a role in family life,
the ultimate goal of which is 
the transformation of the individual
the home 
and the society
for the glory of God.." 
- J.R. Miller- Homemaking


  1. I loved this post. Your words of wisdom are so much what are on my heart lately, especially about "slowing down, saying no to good things, but distracting things, and focusing in our loving Heavenly Father, our home, and our family".

    I am becoming so much more aware of the need to not get caught up in the "good" things that are indeed good, yet not the "best" things, the things that truly are our treasure, i.e. our relationship with God, and our relationships with people.

    It struck me just the other day, when I was thinking about how that's really what it's all about, isn't it? Relationships -- loving relationships, loving God, loving people -- truly loving, not just *doing* but *being*

    Then I thought of Jesus' words about the greatest commandment: to love God and to love your neighbor! It's all so obvious that it seems too simple on the surface, yet in reality it is profound.

    The great blessing for me has been a mother who has consistently and beautifully demonstrated this way of living and loving, where people are important, not things, even good things. I never thought of the words "fully present" before, but that is a fitting description.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughts with others through your blog. I'm sure it will be an encouragement to those who follow.

  2. Hi,

    The default answer that my children get is almost always "in a minute" or "not right now, maybe later"....the thing is, the stuff that is causing those answers aren't things that I can just "let be"; someone wants to play a game- but the toddler has just dumped his nappy on the floor and is busy "washing" the bathroom with the toilet brush....someone calls to come see something, but I'm in the middle of a training session with the 4yo who just threw all the matchbox cars all over the floor in anger. Someone wants to read a book, but I'm busy spelling out a word for the 7yo all the while the 12yo is patiently waiting for help with a math problem....

    So yes, I'd love to be able to just sit down and read stacks and stacks of books, or to play that card game or whatever and to NOT respond with waits or laters...but what can I do? I think that's just part of being in a larger family, that you learn to wait, that mama CAN'T come right away because you're not the only child (back when my oldest was the only one, I never had to respond that way so much ;-))

    But I suppose you were mainly talking about those things that CAN wait, like laundry and stuff, although that also has to be done ;-)



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