Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Rainy Weekend

 Another rainy weekend. 
We must wait for summer patiently, as we did for spring.
  It will come,
but for now, we need to remain content 
with another day of 50 some degree weather and rain. 
I do love rain, and bad weather in general.  
However, as the first day of summer draws near, 
we are all expecting that it might warm up and look
 like summer soon.
Keeping the troops engaged happily indoors day after day
when they are longing to be outside can be tricky, 
but in general they are good little troops, 
and if I keep my attitude in good order, they are more apt to also keep theirs.
When I exemplify this before my children, 
when I live it, 
then I have earned the ability to teach them that boredom is a form of grumbling, 
so they need to amuse themselves cheerfully,
for it is training their heart to be satisfied with what is.
A new set of WASHABLE markers for Gabe keeps him deterred from more destructive 2 year old antics. 
This idea came 
he painted his whole self with red fingernail polish..
it...was NOT washable.

The boys never tire of legos. 
We have declared a whole room upstairs to lego mania. 
Here the boys spend hours creating, building, and playing while listening to audio books. 
Some of their favorites are the Chronicles of Narnia, any G.A. Henty, and Jonathan Park,
all available at Vision Forum.  
Thus a rainy day, or season, is passed most pleasantly.

 The kittens provide indoor entertainment, 
as well as reading books aloud,
playing with the baby, 
and enjoying food, a favorite pastime here at our house.

  We are not entitled to good weather, 
or life on our terms. 
Sometimes we need reminded of that.
To give way to the "if only's" is to enter into the temptation to grumble and be discontent.  
I have been thinking lately that such ways don't make any sense 
when we have the unconditional, glorious love of a heavenly Father,
whose grace and mercy flow abundantly.

Yesterday, Brian shared a passage in John 6:27-35. 
The people were following Jesus, but they did not hunger for him, 
as much as they wanted stuff from him.  
They really never had an appetite for Jesus,
only an absorption in themselves,
and in the end, they turned away from him because their sinful desires were never satisfied. 

If it rains every day for a year, 
I pray I will be content with my Jesus,
my happiness not being determined by my circumstances, 
or by the obtaining of everyday desires,
but on my relationship with my Savior. 
That is the real meaning of life, I think.  
That is what I aspire to,
to hunger and thirst for Him, above all else. 
For Jesus to be the bread of life from which I am satisfied. 
Then, there will be an end to anxiety and discontent, come what may.


  1. Wonderful post!! "It is only in the yielded places that the praise song never ceases." Is Olivia getting some red in her hair? It looks suspiciously like yours in these newest pics. The dress is adorable on her! :)

  2. Dear Julianne,

    When we hunger for HIM is when we truly can see the beauty and joy during the rain.

    Rainy days are a joy here at the cottage, because it is the day I am able to sit and knit, undisturbed and calm.

    Grace Y Peace to you,



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