Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Touches

It is often the little touches of beauty 
that add grace and an air of a special occasion to every day life that I enjoy the very most. 
Having no landscape here at Providence Lodge yet, 
I sent my daughters out to scavenge lilacs from obliging neighbors. 
We now have bouquets all over the house, filling the air with their sweet aroma. 
Each handfull sits humbly in a quart jar, 
proving that nothing expensive need be purchased to make your abode a special, beautiful haven,
just some thoughtful and creative touches here and there....
a pat of butter served in a heart shape on your sweetheart's pancake,  
a few yards of fabric ironed and laid on the table for a luncheon cloth,
a handful of picked wildflowers,
or a candle from the dollar store.  

I do truly wish you could smell the lovely lilacs just now. 
Such a small improvement, but huge in influence. 
Even so, I think it is the small acts of grace that have the most profound impact on our loved ones..
a caring note in a lunch, 
a goodnight hug and I love you to your teen,
a smile when your spouse walks in the door.  
Little touches. 
Big effect.

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  1. Beautiful! :) Sadly, our lilacs are done for the year. I had intended to pick some and do just as you have done, but time got away from me and I missed my chance. :( As always, your home looks (and I'm sure, smells) so inviting! Thanks for the continued encouragement and inspiration. :)


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