Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life at our House Today

 Life at Providence Lodge is usually a peaceful, relaxing, happy place.

Once in a while,
life happens; 
accidents, relationship problems, etc.
and in such cases, 
we tend to huddle.

We've been in that huddling state since Sunday, 
when Ben burned his arm and leg badly.
We are now tending him and his burns, 
keeping him quiet and entertained, 
and thanking the Lord it wasn't any worse. 

We are also thankful to have had the influence of my dear friend, 
who over the past several years has prompted us to purchase a burn kit with lidacaine
to use in just such accidents. 
This we did, and mercifully, it saved Ben a  trip to the ER, and gave him faster relief from the pain. 

He is a good little patient
and, thanks to many prayers, coping with it quite well.
Still, a mama's heart breaks for her little one when they are hurting,
and all must be done to ensure he is loved and nurtured and happily distracted.
Thus, it feels like life is a little slower.
Everyone is keenly aware of helping Ben. 
There is one less whirlwind running through the house. 
A current of gravitas wafts through the atmosphere of the home when such pain is  endured.

We see God's hand of mercy so evident through each day:
Ben tipped a pot of hot water on himself, but less than half of the water made it out 
before someone righted the pot. 
We were right at hand and got him to cold water immediately. 
We had the proper medications to help him.  
We had a Dr. with us at the time of the accident, 
along with many other people who began praying for him at once. 

What could look like a terrible ordeal, has actually been a bolstering of faith for our family,
little ones included. 
Lessons are being learned on being prepared,
how to treat a burn, 
caring for someone ill or in pain,
and the more important one of Jesus, 
who is the healer of our souls, 
not just our flesh.  
He will bring forth new life from the dead, rotting debris in our lives. 

His Holy Spirit is the comforting salve to which we should administer to our wounds and scars.

  Blessed be the Lord, to lovingly give us such vivid pictures to stamp his Truth on our hearts, 
and pour forth grace upon Ben in the process.

God is good.  All the time.


  1. Praying for quick healing and the Holy Spirit's comfort.

  2. I sure hope Ben recovers quickly and that all is well for him. Could you tell us more about the burn kit - where you got it, etc? And, what other "kits" do you have on had as well?

    Thank you for sharing, Julianne!

    Heather Clinesmith


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