Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Celebrating Epiphany

Epiphany is the celebration of the wise men arriving in Bethlehem, giving gifts to the baby Jesus.
This day is traditionally January 6, which is also the last day of the twelve days of Christmas.
In honor of this day, we have invited over friends for a regular feast.
The joy that Jesus came,
the miracle of the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men from afar,
 and the fun of catechizing the family with the twelve days of Christmas
makes for a most joyous occasion.
To me, a great deal of the pleasure is in planning and decorating for the festivities.

The merriment begins when friends arrive. 
 Children are excited, and thus noisy. 
 Mouth watering aromas are wafting from the oven.
Finally the candles are lit and everyone called to the table,
which is heavy laden with food and all sorts of good things,
including the best donuts I have ever had..
I am sure the recipe can be found on my good friend and dinner guest,
  Enola Gay's blog,  Paratus Familia.

Having eaten too many donuts on top of a scrumptious dinner,
 my belly is as full as my heart;
grateful beyond words for the Divine occasion we commemorate on this night,
 relishing the good fellowship of friends.
 The night goes by all too quickly, and before we are ready,
 our guests are headed down the road in a fine mist of snow.

Ah, today has been a most triumphant day.
The Lord is good to all.

Feast at His table.


  1. You are building such beautiful memories for your children as well, Julianne.

    We had dinner last night with dear friends - it was wonderful, and the fellowship sweet.



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