Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wintery Walk

Every afternoon we can watch the deer crossing the meadow just below the house.
This day I counted 17.

With beautiful blue sky overhead,
my dear sweet husband insisted I get out for a walk down the freshly plowed driveway.  
Ahh it was good. 
I do love a walk in the afternoon. 

Refreshed, I am ready to face the rest of the day,
the demands of the little ones,
the responsibilities of so many tender hearts. 
It is easy to feel overwhelmed, 
torn in 10 different directions with the needs of those I live with.
  But I know in Whom my strength is, 
and I know that though my flesh fails, God is the strength of my heart. 
I am reminded that for eternity's sake, I must persevere when I feel like giving up.
And too, that if I have a clean house and homemade bread,
but have not love:  kindness and patience and gentleness...
I am not getting anywhere, I am accomplishing nothing.

As I walk through the door,
there they are,
the adorable little ones clamoring for my attention, 
all of them at once. 
How I can get grumpy with such lovable, wonderful children is suddenly a mystery.

Nearly every day we bake something or other to keep the littles from starving in midafternoon,
or so they claim.
Inticed by the aroma of fresh baked cookies,
Gabe comes out of his fort,
which today, he says, is Africa.

It is so important that we live each and every day to the full,
making the most of every moment.
Which means not giving in to the constant temptation to be snippy, grumpy, or irritable.
I am grateful for this perspective.
I know that the mother's role in the home is powerful,
I know that every moment matters.
and yet, I find I need that refreshing,
that time to get ahold of my attitude and renew my focus.

 This mama of littles is often drained by the challenges and relentlessness of parenting.
  But,  I am thankful that a mama's love is also instantly recharged
with a heartfelt smile from her child,
or a glance at the sleeping babe,
or the wet slobbery kiss of a three year old.

I have heard it said that the greatest reward for our work
is not what we get paid for it,
but what we become by it.
Thus, the Lord sanctifies me through my children,
and that is just one more reason they are a blessing.

It is amazing what a little walk can do.


  1. i need to get out and walk more! Thanks Julianne for this wonderful insight.

  2. This is a timely post for me. I have found myself a bit short tempered the last few days. Maybe a walk would do me some good. If it's in the next 2 days it will be in the rain! I seem to have a hard time getting out. There's always so much to do!

  3. So true!

    What a blessing to be mothers and wives and to be given this important work...

    Thankful for your walk and your sharing of what you are learning.


  4. I just found your blog recently and love what you write. Also,, I recently read found a quotation that says "the most beautiful jewelry we'll ever have is the embrace of a child around our neck". thought you might like that. SJ in Vancouver BC

  5. Thank you for this reminder. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed of late with this awesome task of motherhood. It is only by the grace of God that I can keep walking the path before me with a peaceful heart. He restores my soul and refreshes my weary bones. God bless you Julianne.

  6. Ah! Thank you for sharing this. The peace that flowed from your pictures and words blessed my soul...a second-hand benefit from your winter walk! :)

    I especially appreciate the paragraph that begins "I have heard it said..." Yes, so true!


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