Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinner and a Blizzard

Large fluffy flakes of snow have turned wet and icy,
diminishing our three feet of snow into a heavy compact of white, 
still falling yet, on day four,
frosting our winter wonderland in beauty, 
the kind of beauty one prefers to watch from inside. 
We are perfectly happy to spend these days home, 
all meetings and goings having been canceled.

Outdoors, a slippery, thick mess,
difficult to shovel and plow, 
sliding off the roof in thunderous heaps that shake the whole house.

Indoors, we are warm and cozy, and,
on a creative streak.

Rose has figured out how to make paper beads, like they do in Africa. 
She and Jim spent the better part of the afternoon
turning old magazines into beautiful beads 
that Rose can fabricate into colorful, long necklaces.

Anna set up a new sewing area near the fireside 
and made a much needed new apron.
It is so handy to have everything right at hand and organized,
that I sewed up two skirts for Bethany, something I have been going to do for months.

There are many lures of country life, 
but one must also consider the hardships of working outdoors in nasty conditions
to keep the road open, the paths to outdoor buildings to be shoveled, and the wood box filled. 

Then too, living in a wood heat only home
means that next to the fire may be the only warm place in the house.  
The farther one gets from the stove, the cooler it will be. 
Living on solar power during a four day storm means there is little natural electricity made,
and the generator and batteries will have to be turned on, watched, and turned off, 
the electricity usage in the house managed tightly.  
Therefor, the comforts afforded are all the more appreciated. 
When daylight fades, everyone starts to slow down and relax, 
looking forward to the pleasure of a good meal and a warm fire. 
The hearty, savory flavor of beef stew, or elk, in our case,
combined with Rose's beautiful honey oat bread 
made for an especially delectable dinner to close the day. 

We have been reading aloud in great lengths these long winter evenings, 
with one light spared to be on after dinner. 
The Little House series provides just the right occasion for all to gather near the fire, 
listening about that terrible long winter,
the great grasshopper weather,
and life in a soddy as only Laura Ingalls can tell.

Pa was right, I think, especially in a snowstorm, that

"Mid pleasures and palaces
though we may roam
Be it ever so humble
There's no place like home."


  1. Oh this all sounds so divine! Thank you for sharing this nice evening with us! You have a beautiful home! And those beads are awesome! Maybe Rose could give us a tutorial...

  2. Lovely post, Julianne...

    I love to read about ordinary days.


  3. The paper beads are lovely. Would love to know how to make them. Would love to experience a snow storm just once in my life - your house looks magical with all the snow but I can only imagine how cold it must get. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  4. These are great pictures. I can't believe those beads are made of paper! The bread looks so good it makes me hungry. And the picture of the house covered in snow is pretty cool too (and I don't even like snow).

  5. I have thought of you several times over the past 4 days with no power....or heat. Oh, how I wish we had a wood stove! I grew up with wood heat and I loved when the power went out and we all huddled around it. Without a heat source, we've all been cuddled up in bed together since the house is now 38 degrees...eating cheese and crackers. We got out today for church (why I have internet) and it felt nice. Praying that you have another lovely day!

  6. My girls (I have 4 ages 13 year old twins, a 12 year old, and a 10 1/2 year old and a 2 year old son) are wanting to try the beads. They would LOVE your snow. I know it's a lot of work but we've had very little snow and lots of mud! I have been blessed by reading your blog. Thank you.


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