Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Not So Wintry Winter

The boys have been working on fortifications up in the woods a few hundred feet from the lodge.  Any given day, warm as they have been,
stepping out on the porch, you will hear hammers ringing and hand saws at work. 
The little construction crew/warriors must be about done
since they have used nearly every spare board on the property.

Reportedly, their work has achieved the three of them 
the ability to hold off five young men in a paintball war.

Contrastingly, the ladies may pleasantly amble through the paths of the surrounding acres
in relative peace and quiet, only the rustling of dry grasses and an occasional bird song occurring.

  This weather is odd, but we are all enjoying it....although every so often I think a nice howling wind or blizzard would be very romantic.  
Ah, well, we will take it as it comes, each day at a time.

Maybe if I put all the snow clothes away in the attic,
 it will snow.


  1. I love how your sons get out and use their imaginations and enginuity to create something! What a peaceful place for a stroll! I agree, the weather has been somewhat strange around Mid-Missouri as well! I would like a great amount of snow fall so that I could stay in with the family and enjoy a few days (as if Christmas break wasn't enough ! LOL!)

  2. Our weather in PA has been unusually mild and frankly, beautiful! We have enjoyed it, though my younger children have miss not having any snow yet! Well we did have a dusting one day...I have mostly girls, my youngest son would love a day at your home, I wager!

    Lovely photos...


  3. We are still waiting on winter here in Washington State too. My boys would love to add to their fortifications in our back woods as well...but like yours, they've used up most of the wood here. :)

    Go pack up those snow clothes....I'm praying for some snow. :)

  4. We're in Michigan and we adore the winter. We long to own a lodge someday but until the Lord places us in an opportunity to do that we'll be content here. I would, however, love some snow on the ground...maybe even be snowed in once or twice. But, I digress, we'll wait for the snowflakes.

  5. I hope your boys realize and appreciate how blessed they are to be able to run out and build and create and play. That is how boys used to be raised. Many boys now have to be kept inside,scheduled, supervised, to keep them safe from the world.


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