Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ministering to the Military

Imagine 200 cots in a large, florescent lighted tent.  The roar of airplanes landing and taking off just outside, night and day, non-stop. Your work shift is at night, because war is 24/7/365, so you sleep during the day... or try to.
Most of us go through life blind and deaf to the effort and sacrifices our military makes to ensure our safety.  Once made aware of even a bit of it our Christian response should be some thoughtful showing of our appreciation.  Most of us realize that sacrifices are being made, big ones like the giving of a soldiers life for the cause of freedom.  But it's the little sacrifices that rake my heart.  Leaving their home for small, nondescript, bug and rodent infested living quarters, leaving behind their family and friends, their churches, community, and freedom, they serve and protect our freedom and our happy, warm homes.

Perhaps the thought that there is nothing I can do has kept me from reaching out.  But a friend showed me there is something I can do.  Regardless of whether I know a serviceman personally, I can send a deployed soldier a box of homey comforts and a note of thanks and encouragement.  Truth is, someone I know likely knows someone overseas.

So, I got my free flat-rate Priority Mail box at the post office and began filling it.  My friend gave me some tips of what to include for our destined pilot.

We sent beef jerky, and some prepackaged snack foods.  These guys work in high stress environments and burn a lot of calories.  And... well... my love language is feeding people; either that or it is my spiritual gift :-), so food is a must for me.

 Next, a few enlarged photos from Rose's portfolio to decorate with.  Third, some Christian magazines to share in the latrine and break room.

  Fourth, an herbal salve that Anna made for dry skin, something that the soldiers suffer from greatly in the desert (lotion would be great as well).

 Last, a picture of our family as an introduction and a personal note. 

 But one doesn't have to stop there.  In the past we have sent a blanket, Christian literature, a DVD, food, more food, books, and hand drawn pictures from the children.  For us, it is great fun.  I think about how much we like to get packages in the mail, and imagine some unsuspecting person receiving our box in the mail in little more than a week.  A small token of the gratitude in our hearts.
I mean to inspire you to join us in showing a bit of brotherly love to our soldiers.  Here is a most helpful link to get you going:
God Bless and Godspeed.


  1. What a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing the link...I am going to see about us doing this too!


  2. I LOVE this! My husband is a Gulf War Veteran and my oldest son is now serving in the Marine Corps reserves, but may be deployed (voluntary) to Afghanistan this spring. I KNOW how important those packages of love mean to them. Thank you for this link and the reminder to pray and act! :)

  3. Thank you! I am truely inspired! We will get to work on this right away. We hate it when we hear our soldiers being degraded and put down for their service to US.

  4. We did this for two soldier this past Christmas and it was absolutely my favorite Christmas moment. Standing in line waiting to mail the packages...I almost wanted to cry. Thinking of them being away from their family and all that was familiar reminded me how much I have to be grateful for.


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