Monday, February 21, 2011


It is hard to believe it has already been a year. 
It seems to have gone quickly,
and yet, much has happened,
we have changed,

A year ago we moved into our dream home, 
our miracle of miracles,
the house that God provided.

How did it happen, you may wonder. 
How does the pastor of a small rural church
have a large log home of his own?
  He has a big, thoughtful, gracious God,
who loves to give his children good gifts, that's how.

Seven years ago, oh my, seven! 
Yes, seven years ago we were outgrowing our parsonage.
(chuckle) We thought. 
The church board desired to do something to provide more space for us. 
But we were land locked.
Then a member stepped forward and said,
my wife and I want to 
you 10 acres of land 2 miles from town 
where you can build your own home.

Then a friend said, I know a way to build a cheap log home
that might work for you. 
And we said, Really, we always wanted a log home! 
Could we really do it?

So we began, knowing nothing, having nothing.
  We built it together,
by hand,
with lots of sweat and volunteer help from loving folks all over.
For six years we spent every available minute building. 
Nailing, Nailing, nailing. 
Sanding, chinking, peeling logs.  
Babies came, and we added another to the parsonage,
and another, 
and another.
Friends continued to bless us with their help,
the Lord continued to bless us with materials,
incredible deals, workers, 
and faith that one day, 
before Jesus returns,
it would be done.

We moved in without hot water or an oven, without many things done, 
but it has been pure joy to live here, 
in this spacious home that our children helped build,
that our Heavenly Father provided, 
this log lodge that is our haven.

It has been a year.
I thank the Lord for all He has done,
given, all the many ways he has taught us, 
and blessed us, 
and continually provided all that we need.
Glory be to God.


  1. What an inspiration! Praise God for that gift of land, and for your beautiful home. May God bless you all in your daily life there - peace and blessing to your home, peace and blessing to your family, peace and blessing to your ministry. :0)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Julianne! What a blessing you have...not just your home, but your family and friends and such a loving God that helped you reach your dreams.

  3. I love this story and your beautiful home! God is so good.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Our Homestead Anniversary will be on the 4th. 5yrs. :-)

    Where you wrote..."Then a friend said, I know a way to build a cheap log home that might work for you." My dear husband ask me to ask you if you would mind "sharing" that as we a re praying, Lord willing to begin our log home journey within the year.


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