Thursday, February 17, 2011

Father Teaches Mother


I especially love being a mother when
the 2 year old makes a request with head tilted sideways and a charming look on his chubby little face as he says, “PEEEEEAS, Mommy?”

Or the sweet little baby has fallen asleep with her tiny fingers
wrapped around my one.

When the boys enthusiastically quote their Bible verses to me.

Or Ben spends the day, or week, dressed up in cowboy gear being Tel Sackett.

As Bethany sits near me trying out her reading.

In late night visits with the older children, 
or shared smiles at one of the little one’s antics.

And of course, when any one of them instantly reply to my request
by obediently saying, “yes mama” with a happy heart.

God lovingly sanctifies us through our parenting.
Just as I desire my children to be obedient,
my Heavenly Father asks me to respond in obedience to him.
Sometimes I may not understand why he asks something of me,
but I must trust Him, because he is ultimately ALL loving
and has my best interests in mind.
Likewise, I need to mother my children in a loving way,
with THEIR best interests in mind,
so they will trust me when they don’t understand the why.
This winter has been one full of illness for our family,
we are, once again, passing around bugs and under the weather. 

This time it is a pneumonia.
  It has kept us from much activity, or much talking, 
since the ability to take in full breaths is compromised. 
Instead, we are slower, quiet, reading, or just resting. 
There has much time to just observe, think, and pray. 
Our dear daddy was sick first, and is now on the mend,
then Anna and myself have become ill this week. 
Thus, I have had much time for pondering.

I have become aware of how the things that I am naturally good at
are often times issues of pride.  
Once bitten by the pride bug, 
it is hard to shake off, and can,
often does,
nestle in for a good long visit, causing one to look down their nose
at others who don’t measure up to our own little standard of goodness.
I have had to confess to dear friends and family 
of being critical instead of gracious.  

Then, my husband, who has been preaching through Romans,
  got right to my heart this week in Romans 15:1-7. 
I know it was God’s perfect timing,
but I tease my husband for preaching at ME, 
when he could just talk to me about it at home instead of address my sin…
at church!! 
I know he is just working through the book exegetically. 
Really, it is amazing how God speaks to our hearts.  

At just such a time as sickness strikes the house,
the Lord brings to light things I really need to turn over to him, in repentance.

  Usually, my days are full,
and while I am a thinker,
daily life can get in the way of  deep analytical thought. 
But, while I am ill, there is plenty of time.
  Isn’t He good? 
So loving and thoughtful, gently leading and teaching. 
I can just hear Him saying, “Look here, sweetheart, this is a mess,
and you need some time to deal with it, so I am going to give you some time off and we can take care of it, you and me, together.”
It is here that I can see that His work in me is not only for this particular issue, but is also an example of His parenting, that I am to follow.
  Our Heavenly Father gently takes his child aside 
and  lovingly shows them the way that restores them to rightness. 
This is good discipline!  
In fact, I doubt God ever hollers from the recliner....
He takes time to amend a relationship. 
It is his first priority.

I am inspired.
  I can’t yell anyway, I have lost my voice.  
Must be providence!! 
I bet He is smiling right now at my epiphany. LOL!

 I’ve got time to think,
and my Heavenly Father has things to teach me, 
the mother, His child.

To sum up, I am thankful to be sick. 


  1. Praying you'll feel well soon. We too have faced an uncommonly ill winter season. Today instead of pushing us all to complete all the needed tasks, we simply laid in bed together for the morning hours and then moved slowly through our day. :-) Until we went to Goodwill and God provided us with a table and 4 chairs for $13!!! I was willing to move faster for that blessing. :-)

    Thanks for the blessing you are!

  2. I am so grateful for this post.

    My thanks.

    God speed your recovery, all of you.


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