Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grace for Today

I awoke this morning, slowly,
after a night full of wheezing, 
to snow falling thickly against the pines that stand resolute
outside my bedroom window. 
A full foot of fresh snow erased the mud and lingering ice patches,
leaving a glistening winter wonderland. 
After the usual prayers and supplications to our Heavenly Father
to guide and protect us this day, 
to infuse me with His strength,
to be fully praised on our lives, 
I wrapped Olivia up in soft pink blanket 
and set out in search of my husband’s wonderful coffee.

 Although I am not yet well,
I am, “just right” as a friend used to say.
  Sometimes it is good to spend a day mourning over a friend, 
or contemplating how that sermon Sunday should affect your life. 
Or, perhaps, both. 
It was a day for thinking, crying, processing, and finally, moving on. 
A spiritual birthing day, really,
where you labor through the difficult issues at hand,
and  fresh faith emerges, 
leaving you tired but content.

The snowstorm continues, silencing the woods that surround our home.
As darkness falls, dinner is cooking with tantalizing aromas, 
husband is plowing the driveway…again,
children and parents gather once more at the table. 
The table that draws us all together,
holding hands and singing, 
with smiles and laughter over the attempts of the two year old,
with rounds of what we are thankful for, 
and good food aplenty.

This life that God gives, the pain that he allows, the gifts He bestows,
all a blessing in different ways. 
Some hard,
some glad,
but all…..good.


  1. Very well said, and yes, GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME! Good times, bad times, hard times, joyful times...God is good! We woke this AM to snow as well, and we are loving it. Enjoy your day!


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