Friday, February 25, 2011


Imagine years ago living in  a teepee or well ventilated cabin
in below zero weather such as this. 
  I am very thankful for a warm home.

Weathermen are predicting another foot of snow on the way over the weekend.
That will put us at well over three feet.
The children think it is wonderful fun.  
The wildlife, not so much.
Sounds like a good excuse for another mug of hot cocoa.

What a glorious relief when the storm is over.
It is astoundingly beautiful when the sky clears,
and the sun sparkles so brilliantly you can hardly take it in.
You celebrate with another mugful, and again, give thanks.

What a wonderful maker.  
What an awesome Creator.
All creation declares His name, power, and majesty.

May you and yours be warm and snug,
May you witness His majesty today. 


  1. I recently found your blog through Eyes of Wonder Facebook. I am enjoying it so much - I've started right at the beginning. I love your photos and am enjoying your writing. I have 9 children, and it's lovely to find such a "like-minded" blog. Thank you! God bless!

  2. Such glorious beauty in deed! It is ok when you can be home, and have plenty of provisions. :-)


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